I am Sister Torie Inman and I have been called of God to serve as a full-time missionary for His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Arizona Tucson Mission.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sister Inman Letter - January 4, 2016

Happy new year! It's crazy, the work keeps going forward


So this week has been crazy. I've been sick all week, but it has also
been pretty successful of a week! Most of this week's emails will be
just fun experiences, because other than that, most of things were us
just trying to settle in, figure things out with scheduling, packing
and unpacking, meetings, etc. I promise I did do missionary things
this week, we actually had a really successful week as far as that

I apologize if there are some misspelled words, some of the keys on
this keyboard aren't working very well.

Monday: We packed this morning. Then emailed, then went back home to
finish packing, then started the move into the Naegle's house. The
Phippen's helped us gather stuff together, and we started loading the
truck. We had asked the Elders for help moving, and so pretty much
every missionary in the zone showed up at our house. Except the
Missionaries by the border. So we had Elders Whittle, Garcia, Jeffery,
Ludlow, Judy, and Wyman. Then later Sisters Daun, Diderickson, Walter,
and Jones came over. So at one point we had 12 missionaries in our
house. Every one of them (primarily Elders, they were flipping out the
whole time) were just in shock that we had a HOUSE to ourselves. They
all like ran around the house and were saying "man, if I lived here,
I'd do studies in a different place every day. Dude, check out the
basement! Whoah, they have a huge bathroom, WAIT they have TWO
bathrooms! What? They even have a basketball hoop?! And a piano? And
and an upstairs?!" Yeah. So it was mostly just them coming over to
party. But it was all good, they helped us move our stuff and take it
into the new house.

Once we got to the house, the Elders totally schmoozed the people who
own the house, (it was planned) by saying things like "You have a
beautiful home." And "I've been on my mission for 16 months, and these
two are some of the best sisters in the mission." Whatever, guys. But
she fell for it haha :) They're awesome.

Tuesday: We did a trio-exchange with one of our STL's (Sister Training Leaders). Tuesdays are
typically are least busy days as far as lessons.
I felt pretty terrible today. I'm hoping it's just allergies, but...

Wednesday: We stayed in our new house today!
We had District meeting and we all set goals for the new transfer! Our
goals as a companionship were: 5 New Investigators, and 1 baptism. We
will be exercising a lot of faith this transfer.

BUT, We had a MIRACLE tonight! We had dinner at the Nelson's home, and
they invited their nonmember friends (we met the wife at the Christmas
party) and we were able to teach the Restoration! They asked a lot of
questions. They were already Christian, and have faith in and a love
for Jesus Christ, so we were on a similar page there. Some of their
questions were solid, reasonable questions that took some
understanding from both parties. But we finally got a commitment from
them to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Laura (the wife) said
"Well, I am always wanting to be closer to Christ, and if you say that
this book is what is going to bring me closer, I will read it." *fist
pump to the air* Yay! We have two new investigators :) Miracles
happen, even if they don't happen until the very last hour.

Thursday: Holy cow, the year is over!!! We had a pretty good day, I'm
still sick though.

We had service at the ranch. The Elders chopped/chainsawed firewood,
and we picked up pecans that had fallen from the trees. Then we
stained a wooden wheelbarrow with flaxseed/motor oil.
At the ranch, there is a tire swing, so we played on that after we
were done with everything.

The Elders stood on it and swung on it, and then after that, they
decided to climb up the rope that attached to the tree. They tried
different things, Elder Judy ad Wyman both made it to the top. E. Judy
climbed it just using his ARMS the first time. I can't even lift my
own weight hahaha. They kept trying to outdo each other. The ZL's were
matching today, with the same green button up shirt. Yesterday they
wore matching ties that E. Judy's mom got them.

New Year's Eve: The most exciting part of the night was that we went
and got ice cream at McDonald's, then decorated a gingerbread house
that Sister Adams got for Christmas.

Sunday: we taught Gospel Principles, and I am still sick! It is hard
to talk and teach. Anna came to church!!!!!!! All three hours!!!

Well the computer deleted everything else I put here before I could
save it, so I forgot what I wrote, and now don't have any more time to
re-write it. The most exciting part too, you know the missionary work
part? Grr. -_- Transfer news! Long story short, half of the zone is
leaving, we are staying, Elder Burns is going up to Thatcher to be
companions with Elder DILWORTH!!! How fun :) and then Elder Judy and
Whittle are switching positions as DL (District Leader) and ZL (Zone Leader)! Crazy!
But anyway, have a great week! Love you all!

Sister Inman

Gingerbread House

Hoop at the House
(the Elders decided to play)

Sisters Inman and Adams

Sierra Vista District

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