I am Sister Torie Inman and I have been called of God to serve as a full-time missionary for His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Arizona Tucson Mission.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Sister Inman Letter - December 28, 2015

My middle name should be "One-in-a-million"

Wow. Can I get any more of a crazy past few months? My goodness. For a few months, it felt as if my whole world was crashing down and bursting into flames. Now, it seems like nothing could possibly go better, and the blessings of heaven are showering down upon m. I am happy, and I feel so blessed. I have definitely been able to feel the Lord's love for me during the past week. Holy cow.
These are some excerpts from my journal:

P-day, lots to do. Sister Holden next door is SUPER nice and did all of our laundry, because we don't have a washing machine anymore and there are no Laundromats nearby. We owe her big time.

Not a bad Tuesday!
Visited Brother Dahlke, and had a super good conversation with him about his mission in Austria and Germany. He has some pretty aweet stories!

We went Christmas caroling in our area with the Elders... That was fun... Nobody really answered in our area that we wanted to see, and we started late, (like 8pm) so it wasn't as effective as we had hoped. But it's okay! It was fun. TOMORROW IS THE HALF MISSION CHRISTMAS CONFERENCE/PARTY! I'm so excited. We are actually carpooling with the Phippen's and the Zone Leaders! That oughtta be fun. Road trip to Benson!

THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE. I can't fully describe the joy that I have experienced today, but I will try.
So this morning, we met at the Stake Center where the Phippen's picked us up. Then we drove to Huachuca city to pick up the Zone Leaders (Elders Judy and Wyman).
Anyway, so the Christmas conference. I think there were about 80 missionaries there, plus the mission office staff. Gila Valley, New Mexico, and Sierra Vista Zones were there. I got to see Elders Dilworth and Deyarmond from last transfer there! It was fun to see familiar faces. :) I saw President Passey and he said, so, do you want your mission call? And I was thinking, "Um, yeah I want my mission call!!!!! :D" So he gave it to me in a FedEx envelope and I started flipping out a little bit inside haha. I went around and asked people for guesses. Not even President or Sister Passey knew where I was going!
Anyway, so we did recitations and the mission song. Some fun things there were a paper snowflake contest, a clothing exchange, a photo booth with a backdrop, and Elder O'shia set up a little shop where he will shine and buff your shoes haha. Good things like that. But after recitations, President announced good news in the mission, and then he said, "We also have some exciting news... Sister Torie Inman has been serving with us for almost 3 months now, and has received her permanent mission call! (etc.) Let's get some guesses where she will be serving!" (People shared some of their guesses).

I then began to open it, and realized we needed to call Sister Brown (my first companion). So we did, and then I opened it! I debated whether to look ahead or not, but I decided to anyway. OH. MY. GOODNESS. My jaw dropped, I couldn't believe my eyes. It took some effort, as I had to stop a couple times, but I finally was able to read, "Sister Inman, you are hereby called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints... You are assigned to labor in the Arizona Tucson Mission......I lost it. Tears everywhere. Huge claps and shouting and cheering from every single person in the room. Almost everyone was standing up, cheering for me, grinning from ear to ear. Some people were even crying, (including President and Sister Passey, as well as some people who never even show emotion!) I felt so loved and welcomed into the mission. Like I was finally a part of the mission, like I can claim ownership of it completely.
Words cannot describe the joy that I have felt today. I am just so filled with gratitude for the knowledge that Heavenly Father is very much aware of me. He loves me so much that He sent me to Tucson, Arizona, and allowed me to become comfortable here, knowing that this is exactly what I needed. He knew what my anxieties and personal struggles were. He knew I needed this experience first. He knew I needed the guidance and love of President and Sister Passey to help me during this whole thing.

I got to call Mom at home with everybody there, and then Dad was on his lunch break at work, so that worked out perfectly. Everyone was surprised when they picked up the phone and heard "Mom?" "Dad?" Crazy.

I am beyond excited. I am so so thankful. The Lord has blessed me so much, and I know He answers sincere prayers. He has sure answered every single one of mine during this time. Today is the best day ever. I am so happy. :)

Thursday: Christmas Eve, we did service at the ranch, pulling tumbleweeds again. We had first dinner with the Haws family (one of the Haws' families, there are a few) 2nd dinner was at the Stacey's. That was fun. She gave us lots of heartfelt gifts for Christmas, and she is a wonderful lady.


Super busy day!

We did Christmas morning as a district, so I made breakfast for everyone. We opened presents together. Good times! We went home. Then had first dinner at the other Haws', then to the Ott's (in the Elder's ward, they gave us little presents from the kids), Skyped home, second dinner with the Williams, third dinner at the Marturello's (We had pupusas! Salvadoran food, really good). I feel like there was another one, but I forgot.

Saturday: We packed most of the day.

Sunday: Pretty good day!

Anyway, I hope you have a great week! We are moving today, so that should be... great! yeah...

It was so great to see all of you on Christmas! I truly am so blessed to have such a great family. Thank you for all of your generosity and love and prayers sent my way. I really appreciate everything you do for me!!!!

I am trying to attach pictures and/or a video, but we will see if it works. Have a great week! I love you!

Sister Inman

(scroll to the bottom to watch Sister Inman open her call on video!)

Our pretty Sister Inman

This is what the missionary sees when they Skype home!

This is Sister Inman opening her call (below)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sister Inman Letter - December 21, 2015


Good Morning everyone! How are you all doing? I'm fantastic!

So first off, I'll explain the heading. To all of you who didn't know, I am being reassigned to another mission. I was interviewed by my mission president, and he sent his recommendation to Salt Lake, who have decided to issue me a mission call somewhere else! Currently, that white envelope is sitting either in the mission office, or is in the possession of President and Sister Passey. They were going to forward it to me so I could have the experience of getting it in the mail, but I wanted to make sure to have it before Christmas so I could tell my family where I was going. I has prayed to know if I should just open it with my district, and record it, or do it by myself over Skype, but I wasn't sure. I wanted at least someone to physically be there with me when I opened it. So I got my answer, And GUESS WHAT. I called Sister Passey yesterday because my Area Book app said I wasn't authorized to access the app, and she said " So... I think the reason is because you have a mission call sitting in the mission office right now. Did President tell you that?" No, because I told them to keep it a surprise unless something different happened. " Well, your call has been assigned, and we have it in our possession right now! It just came in last night." We discussed possibilities of when I could open it.

SO... this Wednesday morning is the 1/2 mission conference (Where we have half of the mission meet together for a huge conference, eat lunch probably, then we will do fun games and things, and a white elephant gift exchange).... AND I WILL OPEN MY CALL IN FRONT OF HALF OF THE MISSION.

All of New Mexico, all of the Gila Valley, Benson, etc. Missionaries. (The other half is Tucson, which won't be there). But we will record it and send it to you :)

ISN'T THAT CRAZY?!?!?! IT'S FLIPPING SWEET! You have no idea how excited I am. But this also means that Elder Deyarmond and Elder Dilworth will also be there, and I didn't think they would be able to see or hear me open it. Oh I am so excited. Yay!!!! :)


Anyway. So since I took up most of my time with the fun stuff, you probably couldn't care less about the rest of my week. But I'll tell you the main things anyway. We had a couple miracles :)

So I'll skip to Wednesday, we tried some potentials that the Elders gave us, as well as one of our own. Turns out, the one we thought was really interested has dementia and won't be meeting with us. Grr.

Just about everybody and their mom has at least one dog, and at least one of them is crazy. Typically they all look like they want to eat us or at least bite our legs off. But you know, whatever (nacho). Speaking of which, Hermana Adams has never seen Nacho Libre all the way through. She thought it was stupid. Shake my head. "I'm not listening to you, you're crazy".

Thursday we did service, where we took all the tumbleweeds off the side of the road (at the ranch) and smashed them down, put them in the back of the truck, and dumped it into a huge pile. They all had thorns and none of us had gloves. Yay... I was mostly in charge of smashing them down, so I got up into the back of the truck and stepped on/smashed them down. I had probably hundreds or more tiny thorns in each hand that had broken off and stick under my skin. I still haven't gotten them all out, and so I tried to get a few out with a sewing needle. Yeah my hands are all cut up now aha. Elder Judy was driving the truck, so he did an "earthquake test" a few times to see how my balance was. It was all fun though.

Our zone has a lot of fun together :)
More and more people want us to come over for the Holidays, so that's so awesome :) We will be very, very busy this coming week. And next. Because we are moving next week. -_-

We are hoping to have breakfast together as a district+Zone Leaders, where we all pitch in and bring something, open presents, etc. So we hope it works out and nobody is lame :)

I got my packages! Question. Is everything wrapped inside? Can I take the stuff out and put it under the tree? The house owners let us borrow a full sized tree, and I want to put things under it :)

Did you get my packages? Everything is wrapped, so feel free to open it.

On Friday, our Ward mission leader took us out to lunch to a place called Vinny's, possibly the best pizza and wings place I've ever been. It doesn't taste like every other fast food pizza place! It's an actual sit down restaurant! So good. I don't even really like wings, but those were some really good ones.

We went out to eat on Saturday, because the family we were going to have dinner with got sick, so they said they would pay for us to go out to eat. Woop woop!

The Christmas Cantada (program that has shows on two nights) was really good! Lots of people I didn't know there, and a couple referrals! We got a lot of referrals from the Christmas party last week. Yay! God answers prayers!

On Sunday, lots of people came to church that I didn't expect! Less Actives, in particular, and a new family that just moved in.

Miracle! So we went to see a less active/recent convert/part member family that apparently has been hard to contact, and the last real missionary that they liked and was open to was a year ago. So we talked to that missionary, and decided to go visit them, to just stop by as they randomly showed up to church on Sunday. So I had the feeling we should go  visit them that night instead of another family. So we prayed that the Spirit would be with us, and it went SUPER GOOD! It was awesome! They opened up to us, and were more friendly towards the end, and the kids even put on a show for us. It goes to show that when you have a prompting, follow it. If you have the faith to follow it and act upon it, the Lord will bless you, and you will know what to do as you continue to act in faith. Awesome way to end the week. :)

But that's about all of the time that I have, I will see if I have any worthwhile pictures to send you. I'm super stoked to Skype you guys on Friday! Enjoy little Christmas, and Christmas Eve, and I'll see you on Christmas woo hoo!

Have an awesome week! Love you!

Sister Inman

Monday, December 14, 2015

Sister Inman Letter - December 14, 2015

Finished Week 10 and still "Sister Ingham". Oh and it's also really cold outside

So one of our investigators, Angelina, still calls me Sister Ingham. As in "eeng-ham". She sometimes gets it, but it's still funny aha. I have a nickname :) Sort of.

So this week was AWESOME!!! So many fun things, new experiences, miracles, and blessings this week.

I'm going to tell you about the cool things first, so I have enough time to elaborate on my TOTALLY AWESOME week. Sorry if it is kind of long, I hope you like reading.

Cool experiences this week:
On Monday night, we had Greek food, and it was so good! They were Pitas with chicken (with a different kind of seasoning, I'm not sure what kind) and some Greek dressing, Feta cheese, anyway. It was pretty good.
Wednesday was Zone Meeting, and I got to meet all of the new faces in our zone!
Elder Rassmussen- (Looks like he's 13, but apparently has been out 16 months)
Elder Baker- Douglas/Bisbee District Leader (Espanol) Who Is a former drum major and pit person!!!! I guessed he was a former drum major by the way he conducted the music, and he's like yeah! How did you know?! So we had that in common and it was cool, because he said his favorite was marimba and he primarily played that in pit. :)
Sister Diderickson- Played basketball in college..... so she's really good
Sister Quinonez- new sister in Douglas
And then Elder Wyman (ZL) and Sister Jones (STL)
We had a cool training on how to better achieve Standards of Excellence in our key indicators, and follow up from Zone Conference. We talked about how we can use the Christmas video more, so we set a zone goal to share/show the video 150 times in a week. We are halfway through the week, and as of Sunday morning, we were at 70 views! Go team!
I was called to give a spur-of-the-moment testimony at zone meeting, so that was good, I guess!
So on Thursday we had our first Christmas party, in Sierra Vista 2nd ward. The two wards shared decorations, and servers. So, people from Hereford ward served the food at the SV2nd ward, and vice versa, so they could all sit with their families.
The decorations were LEGIT. Seriously, like almost the amount of time and effort that went into Lacey's wedding. even the ceiling lights. Down to every detail, it was perfect.
Really good food too.

we had our 2nd Christmas party, for Hereford ward.
Super good food, We had smoked brisket (as in somebody smoked 50 pounds of brisket in a smoker for something like 17 hours). And pulled chicken, cornbread.... sooo good. These people down here are dedicated to these things...
We met a couple nonmembers at the party! It's funny, because as a missionary, you hear "nonmember" and suddenly you forget how to socialize.
We visited Anna, and she was home! We have to continue working with that one. But we won't give up just yet.
Saturday We did a blitz in our area, and all of the Elders came! Elders Whittle, Garcia, Jeffery, Ludlow, and even the zone leaders! (Judy and Wyman) We were so grateful. So we went out around1:45, and tracted a couple streets in Sierra Vista. And we actually had some successes! But guess what. As soon as we approached the first door we knocked on, it started SNOWING. We tracted in the snow. New missionary experiences! It was freezing cold outside, (well, 37 degrees). Sadly, that didn't give us much more luck than if it wasn't snowing. But of all of the times, it only snowed when we tracted. After that, it stopped.
We had Stake Conference this weekend and it was SO awesome! Probably one of the best ones I have been to. Did you know that to have a stake conference, a member of the 12 has to authorize it? Elder Greer got a letter from President Nelson, calling him to go down and have a Stake Conference in Sierra Vista, AZ on December 12th, 2015. Isn't that crazy?
We had Elder Greer from the 70 come and speak to us in all of the sessions. I learned so much! In parts of it, it was more of a discussion, where there were comments from the congregation.
The main points/my favorite points covered were:
1. The importance of councils (Ward, family, and personal councils)
2. MUSIC! Sing the hymns with confidence and spirit! This is your time to sing praises to God, whether you have musical capabilities or not. Show Him that you are serious in your praises. Music is so important, that in a 70 minute time frame, we can have up to 6 times for music in Sacrament.
We tried it out. And it was powerful. I even felt a little out of breath and lightheaded, but it presents a whole new spirit.
^ Cool story: Apparently before conference, when the choir was practicing, Elder Perry would run up and down the stairs, and when he got to the top, he would stop the choir, just to say how wonderful they were. Elder Scott would sometimes get up, and walk over to the choir, and face them when they sang, because the TV on the stage didn't do it justice.
"When you sing, you need to have a little bit of baptist in you! Make the windows shake!"- Sister Greer
3. When we understand the "WHY" we do things, we start to care about the "HOW". He talked about why the chapel is so sacred, and why sacrament meeting is so sacred.
4. The world doesn't have to get any more wicked. It already will. So stop praying that it will, so the Second Coming will happen. What we need right now is a righteous people. And what will separate us from the world is our understanding of the Sabbath.
Did you know that every once in a while, members of the twelve and other leadership meet together to discuss concerns of the people in the church? They have a meeting where they ask a question, and discuss one with another their thoughts. We got to watch a couple of those, because they were recorded, and it was really cool to see them counsel together the concerns of members, each response being thought out and genuinely concerned.
The topics they discussed in this one were:
Sabbath Day Observance, Reverence, and the Sacrament. There were some really cool insights given there, and specifics on how we can improve.
Quote from President Russell M. Nelson: "Christ came to pay a debt He didn't owe, because we owed a debt we couldn't pay. If we can't see ourselves in that debtor's prison, we don't understand the Atonement."
They talked about in Handel's Messiah how the money gained from Handel's performance was all given to free the debtors in prison. Cool analogy!
On Sunday we had another awesome session!
"If you are lukewarm, God will spit you out". Don't be wishy-washy, don't play both sides, choose THIS DAY whom ye will serve. Appeal to the Lord to increase your understanding. Don't be like Laman and Lemuel who murmured because they did not understand.
"As you love others, it shows in your countenance! Our countenance shows where we are at with the Lord. You cannot hide it. It will shine through."
Did you know that the Brethren can see which scriptures are most marked in the Gospel Library? Kinda cool! The #1 most marked scripture in ALL of the standard works is Helaman 5:12 (figures) but it's so true! That scripture is so solid! (You know, like the foundation we should build on? :))
"If we build upon the Rock of our Redeemer, we cannot fall, because He WILL NOT fall."
"If you think it's up to your Grandma Sally to do all the family history work, you're missing the point. Family History work can give you the strength to get through each day. Your burdens will be made lighter, and you will receive peace. If we don't turn the hearts of the children and fathers, the entire creation was a waste."
The First Presidency's challenge for us right now is to " Make Family History work the FOCUS of Families" at this time. They knew that this is what would strengthen families right now.
Elder Greer's invitations to us were:
1.Become converted to the Lord. Don't just become united to the church. You need both. Put Christ as the center of your life.
2.Sustain and Follow the Prophets and Apostles. (even in Sabbath day observance!)
3.Consider the gifts that Heavenly Father has given you, especially as you exchange gifts one with another.
Consider on these: 1. The light of Christ and Gift of the Holy Ghost 2. Knowing the Plan of Salvation "There are many exit ramps off the plan. Stay on it." 3. Having a calling and most importantly, 4. The Gift of the Savior Himself. All that is unfair in this life can be made right through the Atonement of Christ. If you receive not this gift, we will not have exceedingly great joy, or a need to rejoice.
Something I thought was cool: "Why do we not sustain full-time missionaries publicly in church? Do you know why?" I never thought about that! He says, "I don't know." But he has one reason that  could be the case. He says: "The reason I think missionaries are not sustained before they are set apart is because the Savior Himself sustains them. He supports all of His missionaries." That just makes me feel so good inside! The Savior Himself sustains us.
Anyway, that was most of my week, at least the good stuff! Now I don't have much time left haha. But this week was great :)
Have an awesome week!

Sister Inman

Also, Here are some pictures you can put in the blog.

​We were trying to do pictures with the props and there was this random kid that kept photobombing us, and wouldn't leave. Cute kid, but we have no idea who he is hahahahaha. Look at his face. x)

I got that side saddle though :)

And the skirt from a previous Sister who didn't want it! jackpot!

It's SNOWING!!!! And we were cold. But we were happy about it.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Sister Inman Letter - December 7, 2015

Hay hay! I forgot what week this is. And that bothers me because time flies so fast.

Pretty good day. had a rough week last week, but it will be okay! Emails, shopping, then sports. We played basketball :) Elder Wyman (the new Zone Leader with Elder Judy) is totally awesome! Super chill, always smiling, and very uplifting and encouraging. One thing he said to me (I was on his team for basketball) was: "Dang, Sister Inman, did you play basketball in high school?" HA! No. Not a chance. Nope. But I have been able to make quite a few shots which is pretty awesome. It helps when it's all for fun.
I was informed that we are going on the same hike as last time... next Monday. E. Judy was like "You've already done this hike, so you're a pro by now! You got this Sister Inman!" So I said fine, I'll go. Because nobody likes that missionary who you have to drag behind you just to do something. But it will be fun. :)

OH so we are being kicked out of our house. There is a new family that needs the house more than we do, so we are on the hunt for a new house or apartment to live in and be moved into by January 1st. Fun stuff.

Crazy day. Not really, but a good day.

We got up and went for a walk in the freezing cold. For studies, I read a talk by Neill F. Mariott of the Relief Society Presidency called "Yielding our Hearts to God". It was just what I needed. Perfect.

We decided to drop by some houses of members in one of our wards. Particularly those who might need a visit. We dropped off cookies and an invitation to the Christmas party.

Also, a MIRACLE! We may have found a place to live. We went to eat dinner with a member, and she showed us this area of the house that has a spare room, bathroom, and study room that apparently she used to loan to sister missionaries. She was like "I mean it is always available, if you ever come across a time where you need somewhere to live, I've got a place for you!" Sister Adams and I just looked at each other in awe. "Actually...... we are needing a place to live right now!" haha. God answers prayers, and takes care of His missionaries.
District Meeting, Enchiladas for lunch (made by Sister Phippen)

Lesson with Angelina that was all over the place. She's 14 and has a hard time focusing or understanding most things. It is hard to keep her attention. Plus there were twin 8 year olds demanding our attention. So that will be some work.

I cried in a lesson for the first time tonight... Like embarrassing type crying. I bore my testimony of prayer and how important it is, and I started crying..... But it brought the spirit so that was good I guess. We also sang I am a child of God with the terribly out of tune piano, but yeah! New experiences are great!

GREAT DAY! (happy birthday Dom!)

So we did Exchanges today, due to a Spanish conference in Tucson. So I was in a trio with the STL's for the day. We did service at the ranch, and raked up a ton of leaves for like 2 hours straight.

We went to visit Josie, but only were able to share the Christmas video.

After Josie, I was like "Let's go see if Anna is home." She was! And she was happy to see us! To get to the good part, we talked about her concerns, and assessed her desire to be baptized, etc...and explained the process... and then I asked, "would it make you more comfortable if you had a date to work towards? She either said yes or I don't know. So I asked her, "Anna, will you prepare and set a goal to be baptized on January 2nd?" She said "*gasp* really???!! Next month? I can be baptized??" She was so excited. I don't think I have ever seen her more happy and full of joy before.

We set a baptismal date! It was my first time inviting someone to be baptized. I am so happy :)

Missionary correlation with Bro. Chipman at Culver's! He bought us lunch and dessert. And his wife also bought us Chocolate oranges which reminded me of home :)

So not much else happened today, or at least I didn't really write anything down. So... next.
Helped a new family move at 8am, then rushed to Johnny's baptism. Anna went! Then we did a Blitz in Elders Jeffery and Ludlow's area. Not much luck. Tracting usually isn't very productive.

Dinner at Hibachi Grill Buffet with a member, who also gave each of us a box of chocolates for Christmas :)

Good day, I suppose!

Met a lady in my ward who knows the Inman's! Brooke Monseur I think her name was? She knows Grandma and Grandpa, Reed, Kevin and Rachel, and Rick. And she guessed that my dad was Tom. Apparently they saw Grandma and Grandpa at a wedding and said they were living in Sierra Vista, and then the connection was drawn from there! Small world! So cool!

The Christmas Devotional was so good! I loved all of their talks and insights. I love how Elder Bednar told the Christmas story from that perspective! Super cool!!!!!! And about light and all light being Christ and the symbolism there. I will never look at Christmas lights the same, it makes me appreciate them that much more.

I love my companion. I can be myself and be stupid. And it's okay. She is always super positive about everything, and is very patient with me. She is an example of strength to me! She keeps pushing forward.

Anyway! That's all the time I have for today, I love you all and hope yo have a fantastic week! This church is so true! if you don't believe me, find out for yourself. Also, there is an awesome Christmas video on Christmas.mormon.org or navidad.mormon.org, with another video about what the world would be like without Christ. Check it out!

Love you!
Sister Inman

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sister Inman letter - November 30, 2015

Week 7, going on to Week 8 ...

Hey there!
So most of my emails are just what I wrote in my journal for that week, but I usually will add some commentary in addition. Sorry if it's confusing when I use the wrong tenses and you can't tell if it's past or present.
So some cool things from this week:
I am determined to learn as much Spanish as I can this transfer, because Hermana Adams is Spanish speaking, so we have an hour of language study 5/7 days a week. I can now successfully do a decent street contact in Spanish. BAM. And I finally got the name of the Church down: La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias. Working on it :)

I love my companion. It will always be an adjustment, because people are so different, but that's not necessarily a bad thing! Hermana Adams is so sweet, she always has such nice things to say about everybody, and can laugh and enjoy life. She is from Farmington, UT, and has been out for a little over 9 months. This is her first English Area, and her last area closed, or at least they took the sisters out and didn't replenish with new missionaries. There are still Elders there, but there wasn't much work there. She is about 6'1" and plays basketball (imagine that), piano, likes making things, and more things I still need to learn about her! But she is awesome. I think it's gonna be a good transfer. :)
We have been running/walking almost every morning. It is so cold outside.... but it's good that we actually get up and try to exercise. Even though I die almost every time. Hopefully I'll get used to it... I need the exercise, considering we get fed so much every night.

My week:
P-day (preparation), and the Zone Leaders surprised us by showing up to sports instead of hiking or going to Benson. They must love us :) They brought and gave us banana bread that Elder Judy made. :) We played chair hockey. I'm not very good at it... I can't kick a ball to save my life. Finally we played some basketball, so I was happy about that. I've come to really like it.
We met in Benson (about an hour away) at 8:45am ish and I picked up my new companion.
It's so weird to have a new companion but stay in the same area. Especially when their personalities are way different. Not better, but different from each other. I am really happy that I still have all of the rest of my district though!
Wednesday-I'm getting so FAT. Ugh :(
Anyway. So today I contacted a couple people! We went to a pie party- Where we all gather together and eat pie... lots of it.... the day before Thanksgiving, because you almost never have enough room after thanksgiving dinner! I love the idea!!!!! There were several nonmembers there, so it was a perfect finding opportunity. We got two potentials/referrals that want to meet with us! It should be great!
Thursday- Thanksgiving!
I will never eat again. I feel more stuffed than the turkey we ate today. Nope, that's it, it's almost like eating is no longer a joyful thing. I can go a week without eating and still be full.
Anyway. So we had this AMAZING dinner at 2pm (haha). We went to the Wallace's (Less Active, but becoming reactivated! So happy for them. They're such an awesome family) and they had a serious feast for us there. They invited the Sukuts as well (Part Member Family, in their 80's, but she only seems 60). I can't even remember everything they had there. 3 different kinds of meat. Well, 2 turkeys, one baked and the other fried, and then one ham. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, super good baked beans, green bean casserole, rolls, jello/whipped cream thing, yams (which were actually really good! I know Dad doesn't like them, but... they were really good)... and pies. And probably more things, but I can't remember. I didn't want to fill up too much, because we had another dinner at 3pm, but I wish I did. Our 2nd dinner was with the Gonzales' (Ward Mission Leader) and it was really nice! They had the traditional Turkey, casserole, cranberry sauce, rolls, stuffing, etc. and then pumpkin pie. It was really nice! And they invited a family from the ward. We had a nice discussion about various things.
Then we went and tried a couple people. We got to see Anna! After forever! And she told us her concerns. She opened up to us. So we are keeping her in our prayers, and trying to see what would be best for her, and how to help her have the faith to be baptized again.
Then we went over to the Holden's (next door neighbors) who gave us leftovers. 3 different kinds of potatoes, casserole, rolls, pie, turkey....
I will never eat again.
We walked and ran this morning, and it was SUPER WINDY and COLD! We ran downhill, then tried to power walk it uphill... But the wind was so strong and pushed directly against us, so it was really hard. I felt like I was going to die.
We tried a couple of Less Actives with no luck. Then some potentials with little luck. But we contacted a man on the street and He basically explained his beliefs to us, which encompassed most of lesson 1 and part of lesson 3! Firm belief in Jesus Christ, and said he appreciates when people like us go around and share that knowledge with others. We asked if he would be interested in learning more about Jesus Christ, and he paused, and said "Well how would I go about doing that?" Golden, right? So we said we could come over and talk with him, and he said well... how about I just read my Bible, we are pretty active in our church. We're all Christians!
Darn. We probably should have pursued that a little better.
I'm learning Spanish! I'm getting better and it makes me happy. We read a chapter a day in El Libro de Mormon (Spanish Book of Mormon) and it's exciting because I can understand most of it! It also helps that I have read the English one a couple times. But I am going to start setting weekly Spanish goals with my companion. Anyway. I was kind of in a "meh" mood today. I am trying to be a good missionary, but this week has been rough adjusting. I've been more frustrated, and more emotional, but it's not always going to be sunshine and daisies all the time! It's part of life. I guess I just got spoiled with not having too many down moments the first part of my mission.
I prayed about what Christ-like Attribute I could work on this transfer, and I haven't gotten a clear answer, but I have had a few thoughts about diligence. So, I have decided that God wants me to work on Diligence. It will be good for me.
Sunday was really good! The talks were mostly on gratitude, and it was great! I learned from each one of them. Hermana Adams got to meet some people today. We had ward council in Hereford ward. I am super stoked for the Christmas parties coming up! (We get to go to TWO!) And they are sharing decorations, so the theme is "A Cowboy Christmas" and there will be brisket and chicken and other awesome stuff.... Like... a legitimate cowboy feast. And then pulled pork or something for the other ward. So excited :) We have been inviting lots of people to it, so hopefully it will turn out to have been a great missionary tool.
Today was Elder Whittle's 20th birthday. So for end of the week/month calls tonight we sang to him and it sounded awful.
So that was my week! I will try to attach/send pictures. I love my area and my district. I love this gospel. I love my mission. I love the people here. I love the Book of Mormon with all of my heart. Read it! If you can gain a solid testimony of the Book of Mormon, a testimony of everything else will come! Because if you know the Book of Mormon is true, you can know that Joseph Smith and all of his successors are true prophets, who receive continued revelation for all of God's children.
Happy Birthday Dom! You're getting so OLD.
Have a great week! I love you all and keep you in my prayers!
Sister Inman
Yo y mi companera, Hermana Adams

Inline image 3
Hard to see, but our Christmas decor.
Inline image 2
The Everett's made a fairy garden..... Pretty legit, I must say. They said that if they like the door, then they will make it their home. At night the blue rocks turn into water, and they built this nice little yard for themselves.
Inline image 1
Elder Judy...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sister Inman Letter - November 23, 2015

Well THAT was a Curveball! Transfer #2

Hola mi familia!

Man, so many miracles and interesting things this week. Here we go.


I bought a new watch today, because the other cheap one wasn't cutting it and kept breaking. This one is sturdier, it's a TIMEX but still conservative and not too fancy.

We played RACQUETBALL for P-day and it was so fun! I've never played before, but I somewhat learned, and it was so fun :)

I've discovered that Elder Deyarmond and I connect on a weird level. As in he makes weird faces, and I make a worse one back haha. He's turning out to be one of my favorites. Turns out He's 3 days younger than me, but has been out for about a year. Too bad he is being transferred to New Mexico. Anyway.

Exchanges tonight! I exchanged with Hermana Gregory, and she is super awesome! She is Lacey's age. She is finishing her mission in 3 weeks.

Tuesday: Today was GREAT! Exchanges went really well. I love Hermana Gregory. She already taught me a lot within 24 hours. She helped answer some of my personal questions, and she felt like an older sister to me, which was cool :)

Together we visited a couple of less-actives that we hadn't been able to see before. For some reason, it was more easy for me to take charge and be more social or to be able to speak and not be afraid with people. It was great! Something Hna. Gregory told me was to not become my trainer, but to take the things I learn from her and add it to your personal qualities. Because we don't need two of one sister. I was called here because someone needs a Sister Torie Inman!

We exchanged back, and I was sad.


District Meeting, with a brief Zone meeting via Face Time with the other districts.
Had everyone sign my journal (There is this thing where you have somewhat of a yearbook where you save it specifically for the Elders and Sisters to sign when you or they leave. Kinda cool, so I'm doing that). Since I was pretty sure I was leaving.
We got a district picture together and it took quite a few tries, because there seemed to always be someone making a face.

Thursday: Good day! FULL of Miracles!
We volunteered at a food bank- helped break down boxes, stack cans, shrink-wrap things, transfer frozen turkeys for Thanksgiving, good stuff. The guy was super grateful because we got done in an hour what would have taken him a whole day or more to do by himself.
Lesson with Josie: MIRACLES all over the place! She had originally cancelled our meetings "until further notice" but I had a thought that I should say "Hey, Josie, so Sister Inman is probably being transferred, and so she wants to see you before she leaves". Which was actually true. And it WORKED! And guess what. Everything that we had prepared, she basically taught us in the first 15 minutes or so. She had gotten an "urge" to read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet that we gave her. She said "It makes so much more sense now! I wish I would have read this before you came last time, because the things you were saying make sense now that I have read this!" YES Josie! You got it! She basically said "Wow, I learn and understand so much more when I do the reading beforehand" and it was wonderful. Her heart has been softened since our last lesson that went really bad. Even she said it was very frustrating for her. But she promised to finish reading the pamphlet and wants to know if what we are saying is true. And it's wonderful.
Dinner with the Jewkes' family. I love them, they're the nicest, most wonderful, charitable people I've met here. They made us homemade waffles which were really good.

We are starting to teach Jaden, Yvonne's daughter! We are praying that her dad will allow her to be baptized, as a minor must have both parents' permission.

Friday: DUN DUN DUN. So I had too much on my mind from Friday, so I only wrote down my favorite parts aha.

So, you were probably wondering what the Subject line for this email was all about. Well guess what. We got Transfer News Friday night, instead of Saturday or Sunday. AP Elder Malcarne called us after dinner, and left us a message saying: "Hey! Sisters! This is Elder Malcarne. I have some transfer news for you! So call me back when you get the chance!" He didn't answer at first, so meanwhile we are hearing about everybody else's transfer calls, which adds to the suspense.

SO, (Are you excited? I am!)

He said "Who wants to go first?" So I was volun-told. He said "Sister Inman will be receiving a new companion! And then taking over the area!" [Wait WHAT?! We thought we misheard him, we had to ask him again and again if he got it right haha] He said yep, and Sister Inman, you're going to do great. You're gonna be awesome, and I know you'll be successful, etc. Your companion is going to be Hermana Adams.

Therefore leading us to Sister Brown, who will be moved to Tucson YSA 3rd Ward, in a trio for 3 weeks, until one sister goes home mid-transfer.

What a curveball. We were so in shock. Neither of us expected this. Heck, I had already started packing and saying goodbye to a few people already because we all know how bad of a procrastinator I am. But I guess the Lord trusts me here, and President Passey shares His confidence in me as well.

Today was kind of meh. I was exhausted physically and mentally.

Sunday: Good day!

We had a few Less Actives come to church today and it was awesome! The Bryce family came to church and their son finally got ordained a deacon and received the Aaronic priesthood :)
The Wallace's came to church- they haven't since I've been here! We went over to their house later that night for hot cocoa and toast. (And a message from us).
We got a flat tire today. A big hole poked through. It rapidly deflated the tire... We had to get Bro. Stacey (member) and Bro Sukut (non member, his wife is though) to change it for us. It was really a tender mercy because we found the hole and it went flat right in front of the member's home, so they were able to help us with that.
We have two Thanksgiving dinners so far, and a pie party the day before, so yeah aha. I already feel so fat and it's not even the big holidays yet :( I hope you all get to have an enjoyable Thanksgiving!

Well, that was my week! It sounds like there has been a lot going on back home... I'm sending prayers your way! I hope all goes well with you all. I love you! Have a great week!

Sister Inman
My District:

Left to Right Top: Elder Jeffery, Elder Whittle (DL), Elder Phippen, Elder Ludlow, Elder Garcia
Bottom: Me, Sister Phippen, Sister Brown
1. It was nice outside and we were walking.
2. We've had lots of rain, and lots of rainbows. This one was in our backyard (isn't the view lovely), and it's a double one if you look closely!
3. Nice day outside, and I was happy.
4. Our flat tire.... It got worse a few minutes later.



Monday, November 16, 2015

Sister Inman Letter - November 16, 2015

Nooooooooo! Week 6!

Well, this is my last week in my area. I don't find out where I am going until Saturday, but man, am I anxious to find out. I am very sad to leave these people. But... you know.

Monday- We stopped by this antique/collectibles shop right by our house, and there are some really cool things there! I got a couple of small things, and I was excited :)

For sports, we tried to do hungry hungry hippos, but..... it didn't last long because we had to improvise the supplies haha. I skinned my elbows. And everything failed miserably. But it was Elders Judy and Dilworth, Whittle and Garcia, Jeffery and Ludlow, Deyarmond and Burns, and Sisters Daun and Mizell, and then us. We tried haha.

We stopped by Kim and Steve's house, and talked with them! He doesn't believe in organized religion, but we asked him if he would be willing to have us come over and teach him/talk about our beliefs. And he accepted! New investigator for 2nd ward!

I fell asleep before finishing my journal, so I don't remember anything else about Monday.

Tuesday- Good day!
New missionary/trainer training meeting in Benson, AZ. Elders O'shia and Malcarne gave awesome trainings. They're the best. Then the new missionaries could have an individual conference with the Passey's to ask questions, etc. I got to ask a couple.

Lesson with Yvonne, 3 Nephi 11

Dinner with the Wilkinsons! They are the part-member family (the wife is baptized but hasn't been active really ever in her life, so they don't really have an organized religion. They are the ones that we taught who he is an elder in their church, and they love the Bible, and Jesus, etc. and we invited them to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it.

So they took us out to eat at a GERMAN diner. Like legitimate german food! We got there early, because at night it was packed! I tried Schnitzel for the first time and it was good! I had a dish called Jagerschnitzel, which is like breaded pork with mushrooms and sauteed onions and a creamy gravy thing on top. It was really good! Different than anything I've really had. On the side, I had noodles called spatzel or something like that. it's the same idea as alfredo, but tastes completely different with a different kind of noodle, different texture. But that was good. Then french fires on the side. I didn't want to have potato pancakes. But I thought of Jesse when I ordered fries haha. I ate everything on my plate! (Even the mushrooms! I don't like mushrooms!) and it was really good! I felt sick for a couple days afterwards though.

Bro. Wilkinson hadn't read the Book of Mormon, because they had packed everything up. They are moving to Prescott.

We went to a RS Activity and made different Christmas crafts and it made me happy because I got to make all of them :)

Lesson with Gage. He is a recent convert from around May. He is 10 years old, and has been through a lot in his life....... and boy, do I love that kid. I can feel how much Heavenly Father must love him too. The Gospel is the best thing he has in his life, and he is a lot stronger than most kids are his age.

Wednesday- I feel sick. I don't think my body likes german food.

Lesson with Yvonne- Family History work and Baptisms for the dead

2 ward mission leader coordination meetings today. Dinner cancelled on us, so we could actually eat at the RS activity tonight! This one was about centering the holidays on Christ. We invited Anna and she came early, then we said we would be right back (we went to the bathroom) and then when we came back she was gone. We found her in her car, on the phone. She smiled and waved to us. So we went back inside, hoping she would come in when she was done. She never did. She completely left. She never texted or called, and we couldn't get ahold of her. Nothing. We don't know why she left, or what happened.

Tonight was supposed to be exchanges, but we had to cancel because one of the sisters got sick. I was going to be taking over the area! But it's okay. We rescheduled for Friday.

We gave all of the Elders (and the Phippens) a plate of cookies that I/we made (the peanut butter ones with the Hershey's kiss in the middle) and they were all so happy and LOVED them. :)

Thursday- HAPPY 1-MONTH!!!!! Today was a good day.
Service at the ranch
12 week training

ALL of our appointments cancelled on us today. So we tried some potentials and less actives and met a nonmember who is in a part-member family who wouldn't mind visits. Josie cancelled on us and wouldn't set a return appointment with us. She said cancel until further notice. Yeah, okay.

AND GUESS WHAT. MY NAME TAGS FINALLY CAME IN!!!!! :D I attached a video that Sister brown took of me. I was so happy.

Friday- Man, I need to start my journal earlier. I keep falling asleep while writing.

So today we did studies, then went to Fry's. Then we went to Big O' Tires. Then lunch/nap time then weekly planning. Dun dun dunnn... We got most of it done in one sitting!

Dinner with Yvonne- she is such a good cook!
Finished weekly planning. We never do in one day. Sister Brown wanted to stop because it was late, but I said we should finish because we were so close to the end. So we did. I had the idea that we should do companion (family) nightly prayer. Just at the end of the day, we pray about concerns, etc. Then we each can finish getting ready for bed,etc. I felt it would help us be more unified if we ended the day with a prayer. The spirit was there. :)
Exchanges didn't happen, because the other Sister got sick. Planned for Monday night.
Anna texted us and told us she was in Mexico.

Saturday- Well, another week has gone by. Transfers are in a week and a couple days. We fasted today for a girl in Elder Whittle's area who desperately needed it. It worked. I hadn't ever fasted like I did today, I prayed several times throughout the day for my purpose (I also fasted for other things) and it worked!
Lots of finding activities today. We drove to Palominas and tried there for a couple hours, because it is far away, and we need to save miles.
Lesson with Yvonne- Holy Ghost/Gift of the Holy Ghost/ Spiritual Gifts and the difference between the three (Yvonne's choice). Yvonne wants me and Sister Brown to go with her when she goes through the temple in a year from now. She chose the San Diego Temple. So.... not likely for me, but maybe I can go with her another time!
Dinner with Howards- Pumpkin beef stew. Huh, interesting. BUT for dessert we had homemade (like with a pumpkin, I think) PUMPKIN PIE. SO GOOD.
Visited the Bryce's. Less active family, that are becoming more active! Woo! Cool family, with interesting backgrounds. Very nice and welcoming.
Sunday- Yvonne got confirmed today!!! and Thiana came! (her daughter) She supported her mother. Yvonne cried, but everyone could feel the overwhelming support and love that everyone has for her. The microphone was spotty, so I couldn't hear everything, but the Spirit was there!
Sierra Vista 2nd Ward council lasted 2 and a half hours. It wasn't as bad this time, as it was actively engaged and focused on people rather than details to an event. It is really heartwarming to see how the ward council really loves each person and family, and how willing everyone is to coordinate and sacrifice to make sure each member of the ward is taken care of, as much as possible/logical. I love how it is a team effort and an attitude of "What can be done for this person", and have each auxiliary help in whatever way they can. Really neat.
Anna texted us and said she decided not to be baptized anymore, so don't bother to drop by, but thank you for everything. We don't know what to do. This is the second time since she has been an investigator that she has dropped us. She was so excited, then we invited her to the activity, which she came to, but completely up and left. She disappeared... Then the next day she says she is in Mexico, missing church on Sunday, so therefore, no Baptism on the 21st. Really put a damper on our Spirits. We just pulled off the side of the road and prayed, and pondered, and tried to see what could be done for her. We haven't received an answer yet, but we called her with no answer, so we didn't stop by.
So we continued onward and visited the Villalobos, somewhat less-active, but also partly recent converts, but also a part-member family. They finally let us in, and we talked about testimony. They actually came to church today! And so did the Meyer's and the Bryce's! So it was a successful Sunday still. :) That made us feel better after we taught the Villalobos.
But yeah, that was my week. Kind of a bummer week, because Hereford Ward is really struggling. We have no progressing investigators. People keep cancelling. But you know what, it's not always going to be easy. And I still love being a missionary.
I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you!
Sister Inman

These ones are various ones from Mormon Helping Hands and service on Thursdays.

 Me and sister brown
Basically describes their relationship
The little bike thingy I was trying to describe last week haha
I got my name tags in the mail :)

Elders Whittle and Ludlow

 Video: I got my nametag!!!!!! :D


Monday, November 9, 2015

Sister Inman Letter - November 9, 2015 (WITH LOTS OF PHOTOS !!!!)

Week 5? What?!

Man, time goes by SO FAST! Nooooooo!

So we had a pretty good week overall, but the second half was better. Here's how it went.

So we went to the library to email. (Side note: In his weekly letter, President Passey included three paragraphs from my letter to him! It gets sent to the whole mission. So that was pretty cool.)
We played sports with the Elders in our district and our ZL's (zone leaders). We played lightning and then we played a game of basketball. I'm actually getting the hang of it! It is pretty fun! Granted it's only half-court and no one keeps score. That's the best way. We switch up the teams and sometimes it is everyone vs. Elder Whittle because he's really good at it. It's all fun though. :) It's also encouraging when there isn't any down-talk. Like you can miss or mess up and there is still the "Good job, Sister Inman, you got this!" haha.
Visited some LA's (less active families).

Good day! Our Spirits are high. Funny thing is, ALL of our appointments cancelled on us today, except for the last one which turned out pretty good, and non of our potentials answered, and we only got in to see one less active.
We heart-attacked Yvonne's door. She came home from work and started crying when she saw it haha. :) I love her. She deserves the best God has to offer her.
Chyenne and Ethan moved into another ward.
Anna is moving to Three Points soon to live with her friend... so we don't know about her baptism
It was super chilly today. LOTS OF WIND. Anyway. Lesson with the Schaafs (finally! after 3 weeks of not seeing them).


Good day today! We all went down and did service with commodities (food bank). Essentially, all those who are needy can come and receive food that is past its sell-by date, but that is still fresh and good/ excess food given to stores.
So at 8:30am in the wind and rain we went down there and helped bag zucchinis. There were a TON. We got an assembly line going though. Anyway, so people would drive up in their cars and we would give them food according to the size of their household (the number on their windshield). We stayed till around 12:15pm. It stopped raining luckily.
2:00- Anna~ Temples and FH (family history) Work
3:00- Debbie~ Alma 41(from the Book of Mormon) - Resurrection/Law of Restoration/Referrals
5:00- Dinner with Wiltfong's
6:30- Angelina and Mina Hansen/Family Lesson 1... Two 8 year olds bouncing off the walls, so Angelina couldn't concentrate. Hopefully she learned something.
7:30- Yvonne~ The hearts stuck! Even through that crazy storm!~ Missionary work and service. She is going to be fantastic. She is so ready. She bought us flower bouquets to thank us for her door. That wasn't the point of us doing it! Haha.

Man, what a day. WOW.
ZONE CONFERENCE- Loved it! 10am-2:45ish.
Training by President Passey: "Good, Better, and Best"
Sister Passey: More effective study, etc.
AP training: Teach people, not lessons, listening and asking questions, role plays.
Turns out that we and the Passey's do most likely have common ancestors. Pretty far back though.
LESSON WITH JOSIE.  Plan of Salvation- We didn't even get past the pre-Earth life. She is not convinced, and wants proof in the Bible (or possibly Book of Mormon) to prove her wrong. She was not making connections, and we couldn't come to a mutual understanding, as she gathers truth from TV and National Geographic. Contentious lesson, the Spirit really struggled to be there.
Anyway. THEN WE HAD A MIRACLE! Anna is not moving after all, and we will be all set for her baptism coming up on the 21st! YAY! God loves us!

Weekly Planning. But I guess it wasn't too bad today.
Taught a lesson to Johnny Rawlings (just turned 8, going to be baptized). Sister Rawlings is an awesome ward missionary.
Dinner with the Stacey's

5:30am wake up
6am- go help set up for Mormon Helping Hands (the Elders helped us out too). I guess Elder Jeffery just turned 21 today.
Anyway, so we helped out at a middle/elementary school to help paint the playground. It takes forever! But there were other projects at a couple other schools, lots of work to be done. I got paint EVERYWHERE. All up in my hair, and on my arms, everything. And it's the heavy duty paint that DOESN'T WASH OFF.
Fast forward..... 3:30pm- THE BAPTISM!
It was so perfect, The entire RS room was filled. So many people came, it was awesome! Almost every missionary that has taught her came, as well as two sets of Elders with investigators/ or because they did the 5MTM (not sure what this means). Yvonne brought all of the women sunflowers. She is so giving. But you're not supposed to bring things for your own baptism! She did anyway haha. All of her daughters were there, and that was exciting. Her nonmember friends from work, etc. Her best friend since the 90s baptized her. Beautiful program. No, I did not speak. :/ But Yvonne bore her testimony at the end. Strong Spirit there.

Another good day!
Stake Conference was super good! I loved all of the talks! I need to work on a few things.
Then studies, lunch, finish weekly planning ( I wish we didn't have to).
Dinner with the Brobst's. Crockpot Lasagna!!! (Mom, it was really good! Maybe you could take your recipe and put it in the crockpot so it can cook all day and you won't have to worry about it! It was almost as good as yours, but yours is still top notch :))

So yeah, that was my week! Rough start, great end!!!
This gospel is so true! I get to testify of it every day! I study it and learn more every day as I live as a missionary, talk as a missionary, and think like a missionary! It is the sweetest thing ever to not only feel it bless my life, but to see how much it can bless others.

Have a great week!
Sister Inman
Zone Conference - Sierra Vista Zone
November 2015
Yvonne Before
Those who taught Yvonne
Yvonne After Baptism
Me and Zoey (Yvonne's youngest daughter)

We heart-attacked her door :)

We saw a full rainbow, and then a double one right next to it!
Stereotypical mirror selfie. Do I look like a missionary?


Doesn't it remind you of Cabella's?

Me and Sister Brown...

Elder Whittle and Elder Jeffery

"Fly away, Stanley, Be FREE!" -Filmore from Cars

Members fed us Halloween-themed dinner haha.

Seriously....It's a bit much
From the farm

"Fly away, Stanley, Be FREE!" -Filmore from Cars
Not the best picture of me, but L to R: Sister Brown, Me, Elder Dilworth, Elder Judy (doesn't he look like Ryan Gosling? bahaha),Elder Jeffery, and Elder Ludlow. With another guy in the back

Where we did service

Just some leftovers from our dinner with Yvonne :)