I am Sister Torie Inman and I have been called of God to serve as a full-time missionary for His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Arizona Tucson Mission.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Sister Inman Letter - December 7, 2015

Hay hay! I forgot what week this is. And that bothers me because time flies so fast.

Pretty good day. had a rough week last week, but it will be okay! Emails, shopping, then sports. We played basketball :) Elder Wyman (the new Zone Leader with Elder Judy) is totally awesome! Super chill, always smiling, and very uplifting and encouraging. One thing he said to me (I was on his team for basketball) was: "Dang, Sister Inman, did you play basketball in high school?" HA! No. Not a chance. Nope. But I have been able to make quite a few shots which is pretty awesome. It helps when it's all for fun.
I was informed that we are going on the same hike as last time... next Monday. E. Judy was like "You've already done this hike, so you're a pro by now! You got this Sister Inman!" So I said fine, I'll go. Because nobody likes that missionary who you have to drag behind you just to do something. But it will be fun. :)

OH so we are being kicked out of our house. There is a new family that needs the house more than we do, so we are on the hunt for a new house or apartment to live in and be moved into by January 1st. Fun stuff.

Crazy day. Not really, but a good day.

We got up and went for a walk in the freezing cold. For studies, I read a talk by Neill F. Mariott of the Relief Society Presidency called "Yielding our Hearts to God". It was just what I needed. Perfect.

We decided to drop by some houses of members in one of our wards. Particularly those who might need a visit. We dropped off cookies and an invitation to the Christmas party.

Also, a MIRACLE! We may have found a place to live. We went to eat dinner with a member, and she showed us this area of the house that has a spare room, bathroom, and study room that apparently she used to loan to sister missionaries. She was like "I mean it is always available, if you ever come across a time where you need somewhere to live, I've got a place for you!" Sister Adams and I just looked at each other in awe. "Actually...... we are needing a place to live right now!" haha. God answers prayers, and takes care of His missionaries.
District Meeting, Enchiladas for lunch (made by Sister Phippen)

Lesson with Angelina that was all over the place. She's 14 and has a hard time focusing or understanding most things. It is hard to keep her attention. Plus there were twin 8 year olds demanding our attention. So that will be some work.

I cried in a lesson for the first time tonight... Like embarrassing type crying. I bore my testimony of prayer and how important it is, and I started crying..... But it brought the spirit so that was good I guess. We also sang I am a child of God with the terribly out of tune piano, but yeah! New experiences are great!

GREAT DAY! (happy birthday Dom!)

So we did Exchanges today, due to a Spanish conference in Tucson. So I was in a trio with the STL's for the day. We did service at the ranch, and raked up a ton of leaves for like 2 hours straight.

We went to visit Josie, but only were able to share the Christmas video.

After Josie, I was like "Let's go see if Anna is home." She was! And she was happy to see us! To get to the good part, we talked about her concerns, and assessed her desire to be baptized, etc...and explained the process... and then I asked, "would it make you more comfortable if you had a date to work towards? She either said yes or I don't know. So I asked her, "Anna, will you prepare and set a goal to be baptized on January 2nd?" She said "*gasp* really???!! Next month? I can be baptized??" She was so excited. I don't think I have ever seen her more happy and full of joy before.

We set a baptismal date! It was my first time inviting someone to be baptized. I am so happy :)

Missionary correlation with Bro. Chipman at Culver's! He bought us lunch and dessert. And his wife also bought us Chocolate oranges which reminded me of home :)

So not much else happened today, or at least I didn't really write anything down. So... next.
Helped a new family move at 8am, then rushed to Johnny's baptism. Anna went! Then we did a Blitz in Elders Jeffery and Ludlow's area. Not much luck. Tracting usually isn't very productive.

Dinner at Hibachi Grill Buffet with a member, who also gave each of us a box of chocolates for Christmas :)

Good day, I suppose!

Met a lady in my ward who knows the Inman's! Brooke Monseur I think her name was? She knows Grandma and Grandpa, Reed, Kevin and Rachel, and Rick. And she guessed that my dad was Tom. Apparently they saw Grandma and Grandpa at a wedding and said they were living in Sierra Vista, and then the connection was drawn from there! Small world! So cool!

The Christmas Devotional was so good! I loved all of their talks and insights. I love how Elder Bednar told the Christmas story from that perspective! Super cool!!!!!! And about light and all light being Christ and the symbolism there. I will never look at Christmas lights the same, it makes me appreciate them that much more.

I love my companion. I can be myself and be stupid. And it's okay. She is always super positive about everything, and is very patient with me. She is an example of strength to me! She keeps pushing forward.

Anyway! That's all the time I have for today, I love you all and hope yo have a fantastic week! This church is so true! if you don't believe me, find out for yourself. Also, there is an awesome Christmas video on Christmas.mormon.org or navidad.mormon.org, with another video about what the world would be like without Christ. Check it out!

Love you!
Sister Inman

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