I am Sister Torie Inman and I have been called of God to serve as a full-time missionary for His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Arizona Tucson Mission.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sister Inman Letter - December 21, 2015


Good Morning everyone! How are you all doing? I'm fantastic!

So first off, I'll explain the heading. To all of you who didn't know, I am being reassigned to another mission. I was interviewed by my mission president, and he sent his recommendation to Salt Lake, who have decided to issue me a mission call somewhere else! Currently, that white envelope is sitting either in the mission office, or is in the possession of President and Sister Passey. They were going to forward it to me so I could have the experience of getting it in the mail, but I wanted to make sure to have it before Christmas so I could tell my family where I was going. I has prayed to know if I should just open it with my district, and record it, or do it by myself over Skype, but I wasn't sure. I wanted at least someone to physically be there with me when I opened it. So I got my answer, And GUESS WHAT. I called Sister Passey yesterday because my Area Book app said I wasn't authorized to access the app, and she said " So... I think the reason is because you have a mission call sitting in the mission office right now. Did President tell you that?" No, because I told them to keep it a surprise unless something different happened. " Well, your call has been assigned, and we have it in our possession right now! It just came in last night." We discussed possibilities of when I could open it.

SO... this Wednesday morning is the 1/2 mission conference (Where we have half of the mission meet together for a huge conference, eat lunch probably, then we will do fun games and things, and a white elephant gift exchange).... AND I WILL OPEN MY CALL IN FRONT OF HALF OF THE MISSION.

All of New Mexico, all of the Gila Valley, Benson, etc. Missionaries. (The other half is Tucson, which won't be there). But we will record it and send it to you :)

ISN'T THAT CRAZY?!?!?! IT'S FLIPPING SWEET! You have no idea how excited I am. But this also means that Elder Deyarmond and Elder Dilworth will also be there, and I didn't think they would be able to see or hear me open it. Oh I am so excited. Yay!!!! :)


Anyway. So since I took up most of my time with the fun stuff, you probably couldn't care less about the rest of my week. But I'll tell you the main things anyway. We had a couple miracles :)

So I'll skip to Wednesday, we tried some potentials that the Elders gave us, as well as one of our own. Turns out, the one we thought was really interested has dementia and won't be meeting with us. Grr.

Just about everybody and their mom has at least one dog, and at least one of them is crazy. Typically they all look like they want to eat us or at least bite our legs off. But you know, whatever (nacho). Speaking of which, Hermana Adams has never seen Nacho Libre all the way through. She thought it was stupid. Shake my head. "I'm not listening to you, you're crazy".

Thursday we did service, where we took all the tumbleweeds off the side of the road (at the ranch) and smashed them down, put them in the back of the truck, and dumped it into a huge pile. They all had thorns and none of us had gloves. Yay... I was mostly in charge of smashing them down, so I got up into the back of the truck and stepped on/smashed them down. I had probably hundreds or more tiny thorns in each hand that had broken off and stick under my skin. I still haven't gotten them all out, and so I tried to get a few out with a sewing needle. Yeah my hands are all cut up now aha. Elder Judy was driving the truck, so he did an "earthquake test" a few times to see how my balance was. It was all fun though.

Our zone has a lot of fun together :)
More and more people want us to come over for the Holidays, so that's so awesome :) We will be very, very busy this coming week. And next. Because we are moving next week. -_-

We are hoping to have breakfast together as a district+Zone Leaders, where we all pitch in and bring something, open presents, etc. So we hope it works out and nobody is lame :)

I got my packages! Question. Is everything wrapped inside? Can I take the stuff out and put it under the tree? The house owners let us borrow a full sized tree, and I want to put things under it :)

Did you get my packages? Everything is wrapped, so feel free to open it.

On Friday, our Ward mission leader took us out to lunch to a place called Vinny's, possibly the best pizza and wings place I've ever been. It doesn't taste like every other fast food pizza place! It's an actual sit down restaurant! So good. I don't even really like wings, but those were some really good ones.

We went out to eat on Saturday, because the family we were going to have dinner with got sick, so they said they would pay for us to go out to eat. Woop woop!

The Christmas Cantada (program that has shows on two nights) was really good! Lots of people I didn't know there, and a couple referrals! We got a lot of referrals from the Christmas party last week. Yay! God answers prayers!

On Sunday, lots of people came to church that I didn't expect! Less Actives, in particular, and a new family that just moved in.

Miracle! So we went to see a less active/recent convert/part member family that apparently has been hard to contact, and the last real missionary that they liked and was open to was a year ago. So we talked to that missionary, and decided to go visit them, to just stop by as they randomly showed up to church on Sunday. So I had the feeling we should go  visit them that night instead of another family. So we prayed that the Spirit would be with us, and it went SUPER GOOD! It was awesome! They opened up to us, and were more friendly towards the end, and the kids even put on a show for us. It goes to show that when you have a prompting, follow it. If you have the faith to follow it and act upon it, the Lord will bless you, and you will know what to do as you continue to act in faith. Awesome way to end the week. :)

But that's about all of the time that I have, I will see if I have any worthwhile pictures to send you. I'm super stoked to Skype you guys on Friday! Enjoy little Christmas, and Christmas Eve, and I'll see you on Christmas woo hoo!

Have an awesome week! Love you!

Sister Inman

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