I am Sister Torie Inman and I have been called of God to serve as a full-time missionary for His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Arizona Tucson Mission.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sister Inman Letter - April 18, 2016

Well, another week down! Now if time could slow down, that'd be great.

Hello family and friends!

Sorry, this letter will probably be kind of boring, as I don't have much time left, and there is not a ton to report on! We have been EXTREMELY BUSY, to the point that we would need to go on splits several times per week to even be able to just SEE the people we are working with and need to get ahold of this week. It's a good problem to have, I suppose, it means we are working hard and trying to get things done, but as of now, we have ONE hour of open time in the entire week where we can choose one person to try. Every other time slot is filled with something else.

But anyway,

Monday for the end of P-day, we went bowling as a zone! They gave us a good deal on the games, and we were pretty much the only people there. So that was fun!

On Wednesday, we did commodities before district meeting. We stood out in the sun for a couple hours, bagged up food, and gave them to the cars as they lined up. I remembered to put on sunscreen on my face, but neglected to put it on the back of my neck....... and it turned beet red, hurts a ton, and is now peeling. Glorious.

After district meeting, I went to the dentist because I was super worried about something that caused me trouble before my mission, and was given the best possible news, that everything is okay, and there is nothing to worry about. :)

Thursday night, Sister Charles almost died. We were eating at a member's home, and she felt like wiping the condensation off of her glass of water, and kept turning the glass around, and then let out the biggest gasp I've ever heard. She turned her glass around to show a scorpion in her water. It was a baby one, maybe an inch and a half long, alive and well in her glass... yep. Maybe it got in there when they put the ice in? Who knows. It was pretty crazy though.

Friday, we set a baptismal date for Race! May 21st! He is a super sweet kid. That night, we met a guy named Michael that is friends with another man in our ward. He was in town for the triathlon that happened on Saturday, and was staying with them for the night. He is currently on a quest for truth and answers, and is studying a wide variety of religions, and is very objective about things. He was confirmed Lutheran, but is searching for answers to his questions in a variety of places. Some of his primary concerns were: I know that Christ apparently died for my sins and all, but 1) Why does dying do anything, especially when he knew he was going to live again? 2) Why is His death so special, when many people died before him? 3) Why is He so important? 4) What about the sins of those people who were before Him? etc. Really good questions. We had a neat conversation. Unfortunately, he lives in San Carlos, way out of our area.

Saturday, we volunteered at the Triathlon! For like 5 hours -_-. We were pretty much voluntold without our consent, but whatever, it was a good! We had to get up at 5:15am or so, then had to go over to the meeting place. Luckily, it was actually in Pima! We got free t-shirts, Woo! Sister Steele and I worked the final stretch before the finish line, and also directed the bikers who were checking in. Essentially, it was our job to direct traffic, including racers. We also took the liberty of cheering on every single racer that ran past us to the finish line. I used my commanding/enthusiastic/loud/cheering voice to cheer everyone on. I said things like "YOU'RE ALMOST THERE! KEEP GOING! THERE'S THE FINISH LINE! YOU GOT THIS! YOU'RE SO CLOSE! THIS IS THE HOME STRETCH! FINISH STRONG! YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU'RE ALMOST DONE! SPRINT TO THE FINISH! GO GO GO GO GO! NO PAIN, NO GAIN! PUT YOUR GAME FACE ON! 100 MORE YARDS TO GO! YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE! THERE IT IS, THERE IS IT!!!! FIRST PLACE! YEAAAAHHHHHH!" (Can you picture me yelling encouraging things to everyone? Yup, we literally did that for 5 hours straight. For every single runner.) 

But yeah. It was truly inspirational to see so many people of different backgrounds, shapes, sizes, ages, physical limitations, etc. running the same race. I found that very symbolic. But it was also amazing to see how some people just needed to have someone tell them that they could do it, and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is so close! There were people of all ages, really little to pretty old, as well as super skinny to heavily overweight. There was a man with prosthetic legs, people who were limping, etc. I got to see groups of young men and young women running slower alongside those other young men or young women who were really struggling, or who obviously were physically /mentally limited. They were cheering them on, and helping them feel like champions. But I think the most inspirational thing I saw all day was that of a younger child, probably 6 or so, with walkers attached to his arms, as his legs did not function. (cerebral palsy of some kind? That's what someone said. Just his legs didn't work). but he had gone the entire race with his walkers. He was trying so hard, and you could tell he was tired. It looked like his older brother was walking next to him the whole time. This little boy was trying so hard, one foot in front of the other, as fast as his arms could pull him forward. But he was determined. i just about cried. But as this little boy got closer, I cheered him on, "You can do it, buddy! You're doing so good! You're almost there, keep going! You see that right ahead? That's the finish line! Sprint to the finish! Go go go go!" As soon as I said this, his face lit up with a big smile, like an "I can do this!" and with an increased determination and enthusiasm, he pushed his legs forward faster and faster. One foot in front of the other, and as he smiled and pulled himself faster with his walkers, and got closer and closer to the finish line, everybody at the end cheered him on. He got faster the harder he tried, and the more people cheered. And he got a medal around his neck as he crossed the finish line. I was so grateful to have witnessed that. 

I actually got a few thank-you's from people after the race. They said that it was just what they needed, because they were dying at the end, and that's what helped them finish strong. Well cool! :)

At the end, Sister Steele and I sprinted to the finish line. People cheered for us "Yeah, go Sisters!", and we got medals, too. Felt good :) I didn't realize how big of an event it was. People from all over come to this. I actually saw Matt (Hilton) there, so that was cool! I think he was there with his Young Men's group? And did the race too. I also saw Michelle Zimmerman, but I don't think she recognized me haha. Anyway.

But yeah, that was pretty much my week! Sorry, kind of a lame email this week!

On the flip side, I get to go to the Temple this week!!!!! YAY! I'm so excited to go. I miss it. I love the temple. Luckily, the temple is not too far away from where I am at. :) I am excited to learn some new things and be filled with that sweet spirit again.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic week, I love you all so much.
Les Quiero Muchos!

Sister Inman


I got to hold a baby chick! So cute!
 It made me happy.

We got to go bowling last P-day! :) Super fun!
Las Hermanas
Me and Sister Steele, professional bowlers

Sister Charles decided to make a face out of the pepper that I cut in half, to give Rebecca (the potato) a man. He's kind of creepy.

I guess you could call me a redneck. #toowhiteformyowngood

Monday, April 11, 2016

Sister Inman Letter - April 11, 2016

6 Months and Going Strong!!! (Wait... 6 MONTHS?!)

Holy cow! As of tomorrow, I will have been a set-apart missionary for 6 months. Time goes by so fast, and I know it will continue to go by even faster. I am not ready. I have so much more to do and become, and now I have one year left to do it!!! All the more reason to buckle down and figure things out so I can spend the rest of the limited time I have left to give everything I've got the the Lord's work! Wow. Here we go. Today is also Sister Charles' 17-month mark, which means she goes home in one month! She's a teensy weensy bit stressed about it, but I've been able to help her a little bit.

Anyway, so this week, we have seen a lot of tender mercies and little miracles! Good teaching experiences, and tender moments with investigators. Here are a few from this week:

We set a baptismal date for Ray! (Brother Martinez) May 14th :) He is so solid. He's so ready. We just need to get him to be feeling well enough to come to church! We are hoping that his son can help baptize him. That would be a neat experience. We have had some really neat experiences with their lessons the past week. The Spirit is always so strong when we go over there. 

We had a lesson with Peggy on Tuesday, and we finally taught her the Plan of Salvation, because she finally read in the Book of Moron, so we can move on! She said she will continue to read more. Woo! She had never thought about an life before this, or a life after this. But she thinks it is a beautiful thing, and really loved it. She got a little emotional at the end when she talked about her deceased husband who passed away quite awhile ago. We talked about what happens after death, and how she can be with him again, and ultimately make it to the Celestial Kingdom, through the grace and Atonement of Jesus Christ. She said, "I just want to be wherever he is. I hope it is here." She pointed to the Celestial Kingdom. It was really a good discussion, and the Spirit was there. I invited her to be baptized, because the Spirit told me to, (and we go into each discussion with the intent on inviting them unless otherwise directed by the Spirit). The discussion perfectly led up to the invitation, so I asked her, "Peggy, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ, and be baptized by someone who holds that Priesthood power and authority of God?". She thought, and then said she didn't know. She has received so much pressure from her family (who are all members except her and her grandson) and she told us that she wants to stop her brain from being defiant of that, and make the decision herself if she finds out that it is true. She felt the love that we had for her, and knew that we were not being pushy at all. So it is good that she did not say absolutely not. She loves us going over there, and always gives the sweetest prayers, thanking God for "sending these two beautiful ladies to come and teach me about you. Keep them safe, because I really do love their visits." She will be baptized, the Spirit works miracles, on the Lord's timing. :)

We had zone meeting on Wednesday, and it was super good! The topics were mainly planning, goals & having the Spirit, and Companionship Inventory. Ha. ha. But it was really good!

On Thursday, we tried Minerva and her boyfriend, Noe (No-way). We had an appt. scheduled but they totally forgot, and felt bad, but we talked with them for a little while before they had to leave. Noe is super chill, and they both have had Mormon influences all around them growing up. But we talked a little bit about our purpose as missionaries, what we do, etc. And he asked if we spoke Spanish. I said I understand better than I speak, but I know enough to get by. Almost. I said I could introduce myself in Spanish, and he said, well let's hear it! So I introduced myself and said I was from the LDS Church, then asked him if he had faith in Jesus Christ. He said it was really good and he could understand what I was saying clearly! Woo! Then they said okay, next time you come over, I want you to teach us in Spanish. Minerva was like "yeah, you can only come over if you speak Spanish." So we said okay, we'll work on it. We'll see what we can do. So I will be brushing up on my Spanish this week! Wish me luck! Haha.

Friday, it rained!!! It was in the 60s. We finally met with Sheryl, our Recent Convert, who has been struggling. We had another lesson with Ray, and the Spirit was so strong! We talked about the commandment to follow the prophet, and reviewed what prophets are, etc. We had a member come with us, Brother Bryce, who is a younger man, in his early 30s, who you could tell was a fantastic missionary. (Members are crucial in missionary work!) But we shared some of the things we learned from conference, and the words of the prophets and apostles, and at the end, Ray said "Man, you all keep saying all of these amazing things that it has done for you and how powerful and great it is... It makes me really want to watch it! I'm gonna set a reminder on my phone, so I can make sure to watch or read it." When we told him that the prophet receives revelation for the whole world, his mouth dropped, and he said "wow, that's a lot of responsibility for one man...". We continued to testifyWhen we would suggest things that have helped us or others better understand the talks, etc. ray would lean over to his wife Debbie and say "We need to do that as a family. That's what we need to do." And he was serious about it! I think that he will be a good spiritual leader in their home. He has come so far, I'm excited for him. :)

On Saturday, we helped put together 1600 packets or so for the contestants for the upcoming triathlon next Saturday. Pretty boring and repetitive, but the whole zone was helping. It took like 3 hours, even with that many missionaries helping. I sat next to Elder Burns (I met him my first transfer, he's been out a transfer longer than I have, and he's super funny) and he said "man, just doing this makes me want to get an education. I could not do something this repetitive  for hours on end every day". I agree. Education is the best!

We talked to Rudy again! He is struggling. We had to be kind of bold with him though. I've been getting better at that! Being bold. It really helps if it is led by the Spirit. We told him that if he wants God to help him and answer his prayers, he needs to make some changes in his life, because God will not just grant you something if you are sitting around waiting for him to do it. He keeps quoting the scripture, "Be still, and know that I am God". He says "If I sit any more still, I'll be dead!" We tried to help him understand that it doesn't mean we sit around waiting for Him to make things happen in his life. Oh Rudy.

Sunday was pretty good once we got past the morning! We taught Elders Quorum about the Rescue-focus plan.

And after church, we met with Rudy again! Outside, in the freezing cold with the rain! Baha. We called him before, and he told us that his cat was stuck in the rafters. Worrying that it would be inside of his house where we would not be able to help him, we prayed to know what to do. We went over there anyway, and it was the rafters outside. Tender mercy! We were able to help him get his cat down, because he could not, because of his stroke that he had. Rudy was so thankful. He called us the Good Samaritans, because we seem to always be there at the perfect time to help him. We told him that it was God showing His hand in his life and that he is watching out for him!

We started to read from the Book of Mormon, out of 3 Nephi 11, and it triggered a very personal, spiritually testing experience that he had many years ago, where forces beyond the physical were combining against him. He related his experience where in time of greatest fear and despair, he cried out to God, "Lord, I don't know what this is, but please, in the name of Jesus, take it away from me!". As he remembered this experience, he was sobbing. He poured out his feelings to us. And we testified that God loved him so much. That He was very aware of him, and that He is all powerful, and can answer our prayers when we ask in faith, just as he did. We just had a tender moment with him, as he opened up his heart to us. We invited him to pray, and he said he would, but that he prays differently than we do. We told him it was okay, and he stood in front of us and held his hands out. (You know where everyone holds hands when they pray), and he proceeded to give one of the most heartfelt and sincere prayers I think I have ever heard. He expressed many thanks to God for sending us there, for his challenges, for his cat, for everything. he pleaded for our safety and blessings. Then he ended, and told us how thankful he was, and shook our hands.

We have seen so many tender mercies and miracles, and every time we do, we look at each other and say, "tender mercy!!!" God loves us so much. Look for those signs in your life! They are there! Even when things are rough, we can see the light shine in the darkness. Which is ironic, because when we were talking to Rudy in the rain, by the end of our discussion, the sun had broken through the clouds and the darkness. God smiled upon us. It is the little things.

I hope you each have a fantastic week, I keep you in my prayers daily. 

I love you!
Sister Inman

Sister Inman Letter - April 4, 2016

What a weekend! Oh and Transfers are this week

Hi family!

This week was pretty good!

Man, was conference awesome or what? I absolutely loved every talk that was given.

Anyway,so this was my week!

I already told you about last Monday, and we went there again today. We left a lot later, and chilled for a while, then they wanted to go on a hike, like we had originally planned, but I was not breathing very well and was already tired. So I typed out my email while I was waiting for them to get back.... We don't even know where they went aha.

But yeah, Monday night we had a lesson with Sylvia and her husband Craig. He gave us a crash course on cars, because I said I knew nothing about what goes on under the hood of the car. (He is a mechanic of sorts, he works on cars) and he showed me the very basics, like where to check the oil levels for everything, where the battery, transmission, radiator, and engine are, where the different fluids are and how to know if they are low or need a change, how the parts work together, etc. He also taught us how to jump a car using jumper cables. Pretty useful information, as I didn't even know the basics.

Tuesday I was kind of frustrated and not able to focus very well. But we went to Peggy's lesson, and just read from the Book of Mormon, because she hadn't read it yet. And she said "Well that wasn't that hard to read!" She had grown up and gotten married and had never learned how to read until her husband taught her. Pretty cool! Now that she knows how, she can't stop reading books. She said she likes the Book of Mormon so far! 
Then we went to Shawnee's house, a less active, and read the Book of Mormon with her too. She has a very very hard time reading, and sounds out every syllable of every word, and can't follow along very well. BUT, I just had a feeling that confirmed to me that if she continues to read from the Book of Mormon out loud, her reading will drastically improve. So far, she has shown improvements already! She recognizes some words that are repeated a lot, and it is so exciting when she can read a few words correctly at a time. :)

Wednesday was a good day for the most part! We got up a little after 6:30 (huge improvement!) exercised (even better!) and we left for a zone meeting with President Passey. It was super good! It was a follow up meeting about the March Challenge, as well as other inspired things. We talked about how the challenge went, what we have learned from it, skills we have developed, how it has impacted your companionship, etc. then we role-played it with our new-found confidence and skills, and it was a LOT better than it was in February! We counted up approximately how many times we taught the Restoration, and just as the Gila Valley Zone. I think we came to a total of about 337 times in the month of March? (And then however many else we did the last couple days of the month) leaving us to an average of 28 times per companionship. Multiply that by every zone in the mission.... Think about how many people were able to hear the message of the Restoration in Southeastern Arizona and Southeastern New Mexico! God loves His children! :)March? (And then however many else we did the last couple days of the month) leaving us to an average of 28 times per companionship. Multiply that by every zone in the mission.... Think about how many people were able to hear the message of the Restoration in Southeastern Arizona and Southeastern New Mexico! Minus the last two days of the month, we came to a grand total of 2,998 First Lessons. And plus the last two days, we are over 3,000 times. God loves His children! :)

But we were shown a video by Elder Bednar about spiritually preparing to be taught by an Apostle of the Lord. He said "Are you willing to participate in an experiment? WE determine what an apostle will say, IF you prepare. We can draw out of their mouth the words which they will speak." If we spiritually prepare to receive divine inspiration through apostles and the prophet, we will receive personal counsel, every time. Does our outward expression, appearance, and actions represent your inner commitment and willingness to receive and pull out of an apostle personal, individual revelation?  President used the example that Elder Bednar gave in his talk to apply in our mission. He gave us a challenge for the month of April, to be exactly obedient in the morning schedule, and show the Lord by acting upon our faith that we will see miracles. He got a little emotional, but he told us that he was not surprised when he heard of how successful we as missionaries had been. He knew we could do hard things. We didn't know we could, and we didn't know that we would gain the strength to do this challenge until we started, and tried and tried, and eventually gained the skills necessary to teach it 31x better than we did the last 30 times. We as a mission have become more powerful teachers, and more confident missionaries. Our collective faith has increased dramatically. He told us that as we exercised our faith to do this and to earnestly prepare, then we will see miracles in our work, and we will be prepared to receive personal counsel from an Apostle... WHO IS COMING TO OUR MISSION THIS MONTH!!!!!!! :DDDD If we want to receive personal counsel from an apostle in person, we must spiritually prepare our minds by being exactly obedient in this small thing. President hasn't told us the name of the Apostle yet, for suspense purposes, I assume. But the Arizona Tucson Mission has not had an apostle come since the Passey's have been here. SO COOL!

Thursday had a rough start, but got better! We did service at the Food Bank, and that's always a party! (We of course get a lot done, we just get to enjoy it while we work hard!)

We got a new investigator today! Her name is Minerva, she lives in Central (YAY! WORK IN CENTRAL!), and she had a ton of friends that were LDS, but they never really talked to her about it. But we taught the first part of the Restoration when her boyfriend came in and started asking us questions. He has been the one that has really encouraged her to read the Bible with him, etc. So that's good. We have a return appointment, and will teach the rest of lesson one: The Great Apostasy, Restoration and First Vision, the Priesthood, and the Book of Mormon. This should be fun. :) They mainly just seemed curious rather than actually interested, but isn't that where it usually starts? After that lesson, we had dinner with a Filipino lady. Her friend actually made the dinner, and it was really good, but we had it at her house. We had Pansit and Rice, and Adobo Chicken. You can ask Eric or Bret what those are, I don't know how to explain it, other than pansit is a thinner kind of noodle with peppers and other stuff, I just know I've had it before. The closest thing I can compare it to is chow mein noodles you get from Panda Express. Except a lot better and you mix it with rice. The adobo chicken was in this sauce that tasted really good, except you basically get all of the innerds of the chicken. I just grabbed the meat, but I'm pretty sure I chewed on a couple bones... It was all really good though :) I also learned that the Cebuano and Bisayan language are the same, but just called different things, because of the origin of the people who speak it. Cool.

Friday I don't really remember, I was super exhausted haha.

Saturday and Sunday were incredible! So much spiritual guidance and amazing talks that spoke to me so individually. I prepared questions. I prepared myself to receive counsel from the Apostles, Prophet, and other inspired leaders, and got so much more out of it. We went to the Stake Center for 3/4 of the sessions. It was cool to see some of my friends from college singing in the choir though!!! They're famous now!

The music was particularly inspiring, for me. They selected my very favorites and sang them in the first session, and then even more of them in next sessions. The Spirit was so strong. But my favorite talks were probably President Uchtdorf's, Bonnie Oscarson's, and Jeffrey R. Holland's. They all spoke plain truths in such a way that was very bold, and so true. They were a little different than the normal talks that these speakers give, in my opinion. (at least Pres. Uchtdorf's and Sister Oscarson's). I learned so much from all of the sessions, and I definitely needed that refill of the Spirit that I felt there. Did you know that on this day, in 1836, Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery received the rest of the keys of the Restoration? Wow... what an amazing event. This past Easter was also unique in all of History, because it matches up on about 4 other calendars around the world as the actual day upon which Christ was Risen from the dead. Really neat. :)

Well, I hope that you all have a fantastic week! We got transfer calls, and Sister Charles and I are staying together, so that means that I will be her last companion and she will go home after this transfer. I feel that President did this, because he knows that we can smooth things out and give this last transfer together all of the umph we have left. I think he can see the wonders we will be able to accomplish, and I agree with him. We have started to figure out just how we work together. We got this. :)

I love you all!

Sister Inman

felt good. :)

Elder Kienitz just finished his mission!
What we did with the jelly beans before we ate them
Abraham Lincoln mountain (if you look closely, it looks like he is laying on his back!)

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sister Inman Letter - March 28, 2016

"Wonder a wonder, Miracle, a miracle!"

Hello my beloved family!

This week has been a lot better than last week. I was really struggling and was unsure of how to cope and move forward. I had some internal struggles as well. But, I have no doubt that the Lord is watching over me, and has helped me to overcome some of those struggles, and to turn some of my weaknesses into strengths. 

A couple of experiences this week:

I was on exchanges on Tuesday with Sister Brown, (she was also trained by Sister Brown, and Pima was her first area! How fun!) and we were driving and saw a lady doing yard work in the hot sun by herself. I said we should go help her, so we immediately stopped and turned around, then offered help. We shared a pass-along card for the Easter Video, and she said she would definitely watch it. Her name was Ruby and she declined our offer, and didn't want our dresses to get all dirty and stuff. But we talked to her for a while! Turns out it was her birthday that day! So we wished her a happy birthday. :)

The next super-awesome experience that happened was at a lady in our ward's house. Her half-brother was not a member, and she referred him to us. We went over there for a meeting, but then afterwards, he came over and we had a discussion with him. (Not a missionary lesson, but a discussion about what we each believe, etc.) His name is Von. He is currently living in a trailer next door because he sold all of his possessions, etc. because he read in the scriptures and felt that that is what he had to do to change his life around and to be a true follower of Jesus Christ. Picture Tevia from Fiddler on the Roof, and that's what his beard looked like, except black. So we got to talking, and he shared his beliefs with us, and Sister Charles and I were totally taken aback... Pretty much everything that he was telling us was exactly what we believe. He knows the Bible front and back. he went to Jerusalem and Galilee, and other surrounding areas, because he felt that it would allow him to get a better fell for what it was actually like. He believes in the Law of Moses, (and follows it pretty well). He understands the importance of covenants, and the usage of rich symbolism in much of the scriptures, etc. he is studying Hebrew as well (I think Jake would really love to talk to this guy. He is super into the History and background information of the scriptures and that deep, rich understanding of them- both the old and the new testament.)

It was a powerful discussion, and it was so neat to talk to someone who had such similar beliefs, striving to follow Jesus Christ in the best way that He knows how. He was admiring the fact that we were out serving missions for the Lord, and said that that is what He ultimately aspires to do, to preach the Gospel and to help others to take that leap of faith to follow Christ. We got a return appointment with him. :) New investigator!!!!
The same day, we had a referral for a part-member family. Their son, Race, is 10 and we are teaching him. Another new investigator!!! So exciting. We have been receiving a lot of referrals lately, and it has been wonderful. :)

On Saturday, we did a 5MTM at some Elders' baptism. (5 minute teaching moment, when the person baptized is changing, during that awkward time slot. We taught the Restoration in probably 5-7 minutes, and the Spirit was super strong! Apparently Elder Dilworth taught the girl with Elder Burns, so he got to Skype in to the baptism.

Easter Sunday itself was interesting, it didn't really feel like Easter. The talks at church were not really Easter-themed, so that was kind of disappointing. But, I got my Easter package (Thanks Mom!) And we still got our uplifting messages for the day. :) We didn't really do anything fun haha. But Saturday night we had the Broadcast which was AWESOME!!!

This morning, a few sets of Elders and Sisters went up to the mountain and had a BBQ and played some games! It was pretty fun! There is a reservoir/dam/lake and it looked super refreshing! But I resisted the temptation to jump in. :) We "hiked" down to the waterfall though. And the Elders did the cooking so I'm all for that! It was fun.


This Gospel is so true! The Savior is a real, Divine, Distinct Being, who is very aware of our personal needs and desires. What a great Example He is to each of us, and how great the strength we can receive from Him if we just follow His supreme example. I am reminded of this with every baptism I witness, and every Less Active I see return to the Church. "Oh it is wonderful, wonderful to me!"

I am so grateful for you all as my family, you all mean so much to me, and I continually pray for you each individually. I hope that you enjoy this next week and that you will take the time to prepare for this upcoming General Conference! Spiritually prepare! Have a question, read past talks, go to Heavenly Father in Prayer.

I love you! 

Have a great week!

Sister Inman


on top
the climb up

And Sister Charles is deathly afraid of heights, so I helped her hike alllllll the way down :)

I decorated a cake! I thought of Mom and her skills. I can't compete, though.

Doctor Who

What I wore for Easter! :)

I thought the "It's dangerous to go SOLO" was funny

old organ that you need to pedal