I am Sister Torie Inman and I have been called of God to serve as a full-time missionary for His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Arizona Tucson Mission.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sister Inman Letter - April 18, 2016

Well, another week down! Now if time could slow down, that'd be great.

Hello family and friends!

Sorry, this letter will probably be kind of boring, as I don't have much time left, and there is not a ton to report on! We have been EXTREMELY BUSY, to the point that we would need to go on splits several times per week to even be able to just SEE the people we are working with and need to get ahold of this week. It's a good problem to have, I suppose, it means we are working hard and trying to get things done, but as of now, we have ONE hour of open time in the entire week where we can choose one person to try. Every other time slot is filled with something else.

But anyway,

Monday for the end of P-day, we went bowling as a zone! They gave us a good deal on the games, and we were pretty much the only people there. So that was fun!

On Wednesday, we did commodities before district meeting. We stood out in the sun for a couple hours, bagged up food, and gave them to the cars as they lined up. I remembered to put on sunscreen on my face, but neglected to put it on the back of my neck....... and it turned beet red, hurts a ton, and is now peeling. Glorious.

After district meeting, I went to the dentist because I was super worried about something that caused me trouble before my mission, and was given the best possible news, that everything is okay, and there is nothing to worry about. :)

Thursday night, Sister Charles almost died. We were eating at a member's home, and she felt like wiping the condensation off of her glass of water, and kept turning the glass around, and then let out the biggest gasp I've ever heard. She turned her glass around to show a scorpion in her water. It was a baby one, maybe an inch and a half long, alive and well in her glass... yep. Maybe it got in there when they put the ice in? Who knows. It was pretty crazy though.

Friday, we set a baptismal date for Race! May 21st! He is a super sweet kid. That night, we met a guy named Michael that is friends with another man in our ward. He was in town for the triathlon that happened on Saturday, and was staying with them for the night. He is currently on a quest for truth and answers, and is studying a wide variety of religions, and is very objective about things. He was confirmed Lutheran, but is searching for answers to his questions in a variety of places. Some of his primary concerns were: I know that Christ apparently died for my sins and all, but 1) Why does dying do anything, especially when he knew he was going to live again? 2) Why is His death so special, when many people died before him? 3) Why is He so important? 4) What about the sins of those people who were before Him? etc. Really good questions. We had a neat conversation. Unfortunately, he lives in San Carlos, way out of our area.

Saturday, we volunteered at the Triathlon! For like 5 hours -_-. We were pretty much voluntold without our consent, but whatever, it was a good! We had to get up at 5:15am or so, then had to go over to the meeting place. Luckily, it was actually in Pima! We got free t-shirts, Woo! Sister Steele and I worked the final stretch before the finish line, and also directed the bikers who were checking in. Essentially, it was our job to direct traffic, including racers. We also took the liberty of cheering on every single racer that ran past us to the finish line. I used my commanding/enthusiastic/loud/cheering voice to cheer everyone on. I said things like "YOU'RE ALMOST THERE! KEEP GOING! THERE'S THE FINISH LINE! YOU GOT THIS! YOU'RE SO CLOSE! THIS IS THE HOME STRETCH! FINISH STRONG! YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU'RE ALMOST DONE! SPRINT TO THE FINISH! GO GO GO GO GO! NO PAIN, NO GAIN! PUT YOUR GAME FACE ON! 100 MORE YARDS TO GO! YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE! THERE IT IS, THERE IS IT!!!! FIRST PLACE! YEAAAAHHHHHH!" (Can you picture me yelling encouraging things to everyone? Yup, we literally did that for 5 hours straight. For every single runner.) 

But yeah. It was truly inspirational to see so many people of different backgrounds, shapes, sizes, ages, physical limitations, etc. running the same race. I found that very symbolic. But it was also amazing to see how some people just needed to have someone tell them that they could do it, and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is so close! There were people of all ages, really little to pretty old, as well as super skinny to heavily overweight. There was a man with prosthetic legs, people who were limping, etc. I got to see groups of young men and young women running slower alongside those other young men or young women who were really struggling, or who obviously were physically /mentally limited. They were cheering them on, and helping them feel like champions. But I think the most inspirational thing I saw all day was that of a younger child, probably 6 or so, with walkers attached to his arms, as his legs did not function. (cerebral palsy of some kind? That's what someone said. Just his legs didn't work). but he had gone the entire race with his walkers. He was trying so hard, and you could tell he was tired. It looked like his older brother was walking next to him the whole time. This little boy was trying so hard, one foot in front of the other, as fast as his arms could pull him forward. But he was determined. i just about cried. But as this little boy got closer, I cheered him on, "You can do it, buddy! You're doing so good! You're almost there, keep going! You see that right ahead? That's the finish line! Sprint to the finish! Go go go go!" As soon as I said this, his face lit up with a big smile, like an "I can do this!" and with an increased determination and enthusiasm, he pushed his legs forward faster and faster. One foot in front of the other, and as he smiled and pulled himself faster with his walkers, and got closer and closer to the finish line, everybody at the end cheered him on. He got faster the harder he tried, and the more people cheered. And he got a medal around his neck as he crossed the finish line. I was so grateful to have witnessed that. 

I actually got a few thank-you's from people after the race. They said that it was just what they needed, because they were dying at the end, and that's what helped them finish strong. Well cool! :)

At the end, Sister Steele and I sprinted to the finish line. People cheered for us "Yeah, go Sisters!", and we got medals, too. Felt good :) I didn't realize how big of an event it was. People from all over come to this. I actually saw Matt (Hilton) there, so that was cool! I think he was there with his Young Men's group? And did the race too. I also saw Michelle Zimmerman, but I don't think she recognized me haha. Anyway.

But yeah, that was pretty much my week! Sorry, kind of a lame email this week!

On the flip side, I get to go to the Temple this week!!!!! YAY! I'm so excited to go. I miss it. I love the temple. Luckily, the temple is not too far away from where I am at. :) I am excited to learn some new things and be filled with that sweet spirit again.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic week, I love you all so much.
Les Quiero Muchos!

Sister Inman


I got to hold a baby chick! So cute!
 It made me happy.

We got to go bowling last P-day! :) Super fun!
Las Hermanas
Me and Sister Steele, professional bowlers

Sister Charles decided to make a face out of the pepper that I cut in half, to give Rebecca (the potato) a man. He's kind of creepy.

I guess you could call me a redneck. #toowhiteformyowngood

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