I am Sister Torie Inman and I have been called of God to serve as a full-time missionary for His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Arizona Tucson Mission.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sister Inman Letter - March 28, 2016

"Wonder a wonder, Miracle, a miracle!"

Hello my beloved family!

This week has been a lot better than last week. I was really struggling and was unsure of how to cope and move forward. I had some internal struggles as well. But, I have no doubt that the Lord is watching over me, and has helped me to overcome some of those struggles, and to turn some of my weaknesses into strengths. 

A couple of experiences this week:

I was on exchanges on Tuesday with Sister Brown, (she was also trained by Sister Brown, and Pima was her first area! How fun!) and we were driving and saw a lady doing yard work in the hot sun by herself. I said we should go help her, so we immediately stopped and turned around, then offered help. We shared a pass-along card for the Easter Video, and she said she would definitely watch it. Her name was Ruby and she declined our offer, and didn't want our dresses to get all dirty and stuff. But we talked to her for a while! Turns out it was her birthday that day! So we wished her a happy birthday. :)

The next super-awesome experience that happened was at a lady in our ward's house. Her half-brother was not a member, and she referred him to us. We went over there for a meeting, but then afterwards, he came over and we had a discussion with him. (Not a missionary lesson, but a discussion about what we each believe, etc.) His name is Von. He is currently living in a trailer next door because he sold all of his possessions, etc. because he read in the scriptures and felt that that is what he had to do to change his life around and to be a true follower of Jesus Christ. Picture Tevia from Fiddler on the Roof, and that's what his beard looked like, except black. So we got to talking, and he shared his beliefs with us, and Sister Charles and I were totally taken aback... Pretty much everything that he was telling us was exactly what we believe. He knows the Bible front and back. he went to Jerusalem and Galilee, and other surrounding areas, because he felt that it would allow him to get a better fell for what it was actually like. He believes in the Law of Moses, (and follows it pretty well). He understands the importance of covenants, and the usage of rich symbolism in much of the scriptures, etc. he is studying Hebrew as well (I think Jake would really love to talk to this guy. He is super into the History and background information of the scriptures and that deep, rich understanding of them- both the old and the new testament.)

It was a powerful discussion, and it was so neat to talk to someone who had such similar beliefs, striving to follow Jesus Christ in the best way that He knows how. He was admiring the fact that we were out serving missions for the Lord, and said that that is what He ultimately aspires to do, to preach the Gospel and to help others to take that leap of faith to follow Christ. We got a return appointment with him. :) New investigator!!!!
The same day, we had a referral for a part-member family. Their son, Race, is 10 and we are teaching him. Another new investigator!!! So exciting. We have been receiving a lot of referrals lately, and it has been wonderful. :)

On Saturday, we did a 5MTM at some Elders' baptism. (5 minute teaching moment, when the person baptized is changing, during that awkward time slot. We taught the Restoration in probably 5-7 minutes, and the Spirit was super strong! Apparently Elder Dilworth taught the girl with Elder Burns, so he got to Skype in to the baptism.

Easter Sunday itself was interesting, it didn't really feel like Easter. The talks at church were not really Easter-themed, so that was kind of disappointing. But, I got my Easter package (Thanks Mom!) And we still got our uplifting messages for the day. :) We didn't really do anything fun haha. But Saturday night we had the Broadcast which was AWESOME!!!

This morning, a few sets of Elders and Sisters went up to the mountain and had a BBQ and played some games! It was pretty fun! There is a reservoir/dam/lake and it looked super refreshing! But I resisted the temptation to jump in. :) We "hiked" down to the waterfall though. And the Elders did the cooking so I'm all for that! It was fun.


This Gospel is so true! The Savior is a real, Divine, Distinct Being, who is very aware of our personal needs and desires. What a great Example He is to each of us, and how great the strength we can receive from Him if we just follow His supreme example. I am reminded of this with every baptism I witness, and every Less Active I see return to the Church. "Oh it is wonderful, wonderful to me!"

I am so grateful for you all as my family, you all mean so much to me, and I continually pray for you each individually. I hope that you enjoy this next week and that you will take the time to prepare for this upcoming General Conference! Spiritually prepare! Have a question, read past talks, go to Heavenly Father in Prayer.

I love you! 

Have a great week!

Sister Inman


on top
the climb up

And Sister Charles is deathly afraid of heights, so I helped her hike alllllll the way down :)

I decorated a cake! I thought of Mom and her skills. I can't compete, though.

Doctor Who

What I wore for Easter! :)

I thought the "It's dangerous to go SOLO" was funny

old organ that you need to pedal

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