I am Sister Torie Inman and I have been called of God to serve as a full-time missionary for His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Arizona Tucson Mission.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sister Inman Letter - August 22, 2016

Top of the Mormon, to ya!

Herro Famiry!

Top of the Mormon, to ya!

Well, I had yet another very challenging week. I feel like Satan does NOT want me to get anywhere, or save ANYBODY. Ugh. But you know what, there were also some awesome things that happened this week! So, here we are, and I will share those with you :)

A lesson that I learned this week was that if you are diligent, God will maximize your time, and efforts, and He will help you accomplish what you set out to do! Sorry this email will be kind of random and choppy.

Tuesday was awesome! We were super booked for appointments, and we weren't sure if we would be able to make it on time to all of them (people tend to be talkers), but we prepared well, and we had just about perfect timing for almost everything that day.

We had a lesson with Donna again, and it was great! We went over our purpose in this life, Pre-Earth Life, Adam and Eve, Agency, and Joy we can receive through the Plan of Salvation. We had a good discussion, and the Spirit testified of truth! She had read the Plan of Salvation Pamphlet and she came back with questions! I love it! She seems to truly be searching for answers and for truth, and peace. She is one of those "kept from the truth because they know not where to find it". I love this work!

We had lunch with our investigator Megan, and her husband David made us steak, potatoes, and corn! Yum!Then we went and met our new investigator, Marijana, (Mary-anna), who moved here from Serbia a while back. I love her accent! She opened my eyes to a completely different culture. In Serbia, it is a Communist nation. The three main religions there are Muslim, Catholic, and Orthodox (Christian). 

There was a CRAZY Monsoon on Tuesday! It was something called a Microburst, which means Oro Valley was the only one to get it. Casas Adobes didn't get hit by it AT ALL. Isn't that crazy? Lots of damage was done, several huge trees were uprooted, signs destroyed or fell over, and lots of detours around the city... not fun at all when trying to be punctual to things. -_-

Wednesday was pretty good! Elder Ludlow, who came out with me and was in my first district, is now my district leader and it's super weird. Hahahaha. We have been emphasizing the doctrine of prophets, and especially modern-day prophets and their importance. It was a really good meeting! Wednesday night, we had kind of a cool experience! We were coming home at the end of our day, and we saw a lady standing in the middle of the sidewalk. We felt like we should say hi to her, so we did. She asked if we could help her. She mentioned something about how she had lost her phone, so we let her use our phone to call her number. She invited us into her home while she tried to figure that out, and after she did so, she told us that we were always welcome in her home and thanked us for helping her. We got her number and plan to visit her soon! :)

On Thursday we did service at the state park, and tore down a wooden fence and built a new one. 

Sunday was awesome! Lisa came to church! She was nervous, but we were so excited! Megan and Shandra came too :)

Well, that's about all I have to report for this week! I have seen little tender mercies and miracles in our work and in my life, even through the hard times. Heavenly Father has a Plan for each of us, and He LOVES US! I love you all so much, and pray for you daily. i hope you have a great week!!!!

Sister Inman

Sister Inman Letter - August 15, 2016

Take THAT, Satan!

Hellloooooooo mi familia!

Well, this week started off a little rough! It happens. Sometimes Satan tries to tear you down, and at the beginning of the week, he did. He succeeded. But I have come to the end of this week with a new sense of duty, responsibility, and excitement about the work and my calling as a missionary. I've had a little bit of time to think, and I've also realized that I am out here for a reason.

I have learned (I did the first transfer I was out in the field) that missions are hard! They take you out of your comfort zone. But as a general authority said, "There is little growth in a comfort zone, and there is [rarely, if ever] comfort in a growth zone". The mission forces you to realize that you cannot do anything or get anywhere good without the help of the Savior. It is on my mission that my flaws and faults are put under a microscope, and where I have reached that turning point in my life-where I must decide who I want to be, and stick with it. I cannot serve two masters. Either I will love one and despise the other..... you know the scripture. It is so true! It has been a time where I have to decide if I will give God my All and serve with ALL my heart, might, mind, and strength, or waste this sacred opportunity, and let the next half of my mission just pass by and have not been there for those souls who need ME out there!

So the first half of the week was pretty rough. SO I'll focus on the awesome stuff that has been happening during the second half!

Friday we had an awesome lesson with Spryte! It was our last one before she and Gaven moved to Utah. :( Her mom also wants her to wait about 3-6 months before she is baptized, to see that she is serious about it. But hopefully I can Skype into her baptism! :) So for our last lesson, we talked about the Law of Chastity. It was very powerful, and it was the best time I have taught that lesson. The Spirit was strong, and we had more thoroughly prepared for that lesson, especially because we are trying to teach it to a 9 year old, 14 year old, a mid 30's, and an older woman. But we taught simply, and it was really neat, because Joseph AND his less active Mom testified of the truthfulness and blessings of keeping the Law of Chasity (the mom usually doesn't say anything), and Sister Hunt and I also testified of the importance of it. It wasn't as awkward as it usually would be sometimes. I think that was because we focused on the doctrine, or the WHY behind it, instead of the "Thou Shalt Not's". We taught about agency, why we have bodies, and becoming like God. It was really good! I am really going to miss them, but I am so grateful to have been able to teach them for most of the time they've been taking the discussions. And it has been incredible to watch their young, sweet testimonies grow immensely, even just from seeing them once or twice a week for the past two months.

Saturday was a pretty good day! We decided to contact an Other (Non-progressing) investigator that the Elders had been teaching, named Donna. She is an older, single woman with a lot of health problems. But super sweet. She opened up to us, and told us of some of the terrible things that have happened to her throughout her life (I don't know why, but I feel like everyone has this theory that missionaries are the perfect people to trust automatically with their deepest fears, and secrets, concerns, and pasts. It helps us know their needs, but wow, it's crazy!) We mainly just listened to her talk. But we learned a LOT about her background, and now we know exactly what to share with her! She kept saying things that would PERFECTLY line up to us teaching the Plan of Salvation. It was almost as if she was begging us to invite her to be baptized, learn as much as possible about the Gospel, prepare for the temple, be an active member of the Church, etc. She would say things like, "I wish God would tell me what His plan is for me!" "I know He has one, but He never gives us any hints." "He has spared my life too many times, and I want to know why I am here. I still haven't figured out what my purpose is in life." It was a perfect lead-in for us to begin teaching her the formal lessons. :)

Later we spent like an hour or so just calling and contacting people, trying to set up appointments with the people who the Ward Council/ward mission/Bishop had given us to contact. Only one person got back to us out of like ten that we tried to get ahold of. But LUCKILY, the one who responded is hopefully going to be our new investigator, from Serbia! Her name is Marijana, and she seems super excited to learn more about the Gospel and our appointment with her is on Tuesday!

The first half of our week this week is packed to the brim with lessons, and I am SO EXCITED!!!! Most of which are in La Cholla Ward, which had essentially no work or progression when we first arrived in the area. The Lord is sending miracles, and so many that we are having a hard time keeping up! "You shall not have room enough to receive it" it is so true! Megan and her husband came to church on Sunday by themselves, and we are going to have lunch and a lesson with them on Tuesday as well. We are helping a family named the Dukes return to activity and get to the temple before their baby is born in November! They just received callings, so they are well on their way!

Sunday was an insane and stressful and crazy day....... Lisa, our less active who recently moved in has had just about everything try to stand in the way of her meeting with us. All legitimate reasons, but seriously?! Her school flooded on Sunday, (She is a teacher, and trying to open up a new location for the first week of school), for the ONE time she was determined to go to church, something she is nervous about. We were going to leave church to go help her clean up and vacuum out water and everything, but she told us that she had left and they called the restoration company. Then we found out that one of our ward missionaries died..... Brother Sanborn. He had come with us to some of Spryte's lessons. So sad. He was such a sweet man. We are going to the funeral on Thursday. We had an emergency stop at our investigator's house after church, who has been struggling really bad. Then dinner, then our lesson with Lisa about the Book of Mormon! We have had to follow very closely the Spirit with Lisa, we feel like she is so fragile. But we can also see miracles happening and going to happen with her! I can't wait till she gets to prepare to go through the temple. I can see it! :)

Well, Satan is real. And he has tried to make himself quite know this week. But usually, before anything super awesome comes big stumbling blocks to block the way of us seeing the bright future ahead. But HE'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN THIS WEEK. 

Have a great week, I love you all!

Sister Inman

Sister Inman Letter - August 8, 2016

Another transfer, here we come!

Well, Sister Hunt and I are staying together, as was expected! the work here has been so wonderful, and it has been incredible to see the miracles happen as we have striven to be more obedient, more diligent, better at planning and following up, and better at being prompt to things, including contacting referrals and less actives. It has been neat to see the Lord working through us.

Well, this week was alright, I have been struggling with keeping up with the physically draining aspect of missionary work. I guess this week has been better, I have been a little more energized, but I am trying to catch up! 

Before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! :)

Speaking of love, one Christlike attribute I have been working on lately is charity. For if you have not charity... you have nothing. Therefore, I must have charity haha. And I feel like as I pray for it every day, throughout the day, I can feel God blessing me with it! And when I decide to love everyone, I have the Spirit with me a lot more! :)

A ton of appointments cancelled on us, and people keep getting sick, so I don't have a ton of experiences or things to report on this week, unfortunately. But we have planned a lot of really good things for this upcoming week and I am excited to contact EVERYONE and bring more souls unto Christ!

On Monday, we went bowling, and got a group discount! I beat everyone in our game, but then I got third place overall between the other two games. It was all fun though. :) I love our zone!

On Wednesday we got a training on Money and Time Management by the Brinkerhoff's, the senior couple in our zone. Elder Brinkerhoff has a background in finances, and Sister Brinkerhoff is fantastic at managing and using time effectively! So it was a much-needed training. 

On Thursday we did service again, but this time we went over to the campgrounds, and we raked and leveled out the grounds for the people to mow over. It's hard work when you're covering more than the space of a backyard! But luckily it wasn't terribly hot outside, and we had other missionaries to talk to!

We were able to do some family history on Saturday, and I became more familiar with the tree, and also how to use ancestry in combination with family search! I did some research on one of our ancestors, and it was really interesting to read more about who these people are, where they came from, and see any pictures or read any stories! I love family history! Also, we went on to Relative Finder, and it is super fun, because our mission has a group where we can log on and see how we are related to all of the other missionaries in our mission! Turns out that my last companion, Sister Chandler, and I are 4th cousins, twice removed! She is my closest missionary relative in the mission! No wonder we clicked so fast! We're family! :) I am also 4th cousins twice removed with President Passey, too haha.

We had a wonderful experience teaching Spryte and Gaven yesterday! We actually talked about the temple and family history with them! And at one point in the lesson, I felt impressed to share with them the strory in the Old Testament, about the Spirit of Elijah, where in this instance, it was Elisha. In 2 Kings 6:15-17. And something I shared with them was that just like in this story, we too are surrounded by those who are fighting for us, on the other side of the veil. And when we learn about them, and search for and do work for them, it creates a bond, and you develop a relationship with them. It is then that we can feel a closeness with them, and can feel of their protection when we go throughout our daily battles of life. We are not alone! They did not go through all that they did to pave the way for you, if you were destined to fail. They care just as much about your welfare as your Heavenly Father does. They can help you! It just bore a powerful witness to me of the reality of the Spirit World, and those who are beyond the veil. Love them and learn about them! Then you will be able to feel them with you! :) Also, all of their family got up and bore their testimonies in sacrament meeting. It was a very spiritual meeting.

Well, that's about all I have time for, sorry it's kind of short. I love and pray for you always! I hope you have a wonderful week! Keep the faith!

Sister Inman

Trying to be cute and take one of those grass pictures

Me and Sister Hunt

Us with Spryte and Gaven! Last night was our second to last lesson with them before they go back to Utah :( Then there's their Dad's finger photobombing

I beat everyone at bowling :) 114!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sister Inman Letter - August 1, 2016


Hello family!

It sounds like Dad, Mom, and Jesse got to be in heaven for the past few days! How fun that you were able to enjoy the pines and reminisce! There are some great memories up there, some of my fondest ones :) You deserved a break!

Well, this week went by super fast! I feel like we just had a P-day a couple days ago! Wow! 

On Tuesday morning, we volunteered at a farm, and I learned how to turn manure! The things you learn and do as a missionary. You know the good-smelling stuff that they use for fertilizer? Yep, I got to work in the blazing hot sun and use pitch forks and sprayers to turn piles of manure. My feet and jeans got pretty gross. I now have a lot more respect for farmers who do this every day. Needless to say, I was sore the next day.

I also learned a little bit of Sign Language! there is a family in our ward that does sign, the Mom is an interpreter for a living, and her son happens to be deaf. It's so cool! So she is teaching all of her kids sign. :) I learned how to say I am a missionary for the church, and introduce myself! I want to learn more. And regain my Spanish.

Wednesday, we went to got visit a lady in the ward who had been suffering from some health problems. And on our way there, we saw an old old Korean lady outside (in the hot sun) picking up leaves in her yard. We said, "Let's go help her!" So we went out, and asked if she needed help. She excitedly waved to us and grinned, showing that she had no teeth, and also didn't know English. So we just started going around her yard, picking up leaves, and she smiled, and said "THAN YOO!" She could only pick up a few leaves at a time, then walked them over to a paper bag on her front porch. Then, she left. And closed the screen door. We continued to clean up her yard, and we hear a super loud laugh/cackle? Giggle? And she said "THAN YOOO!!!!" Weird. But we said "You're welcome!" And then went to the lady in our ward's house. Turns out, she is like 94, and doesn't know English. She lives with her daughter. How cute :)

That night we met with the Duke's, a less active couple, who are newlyweds and aiming for the temple before their baby comes! They shared with us their goals, and we had a good discussion. They came to church on Sunday, too. Super awesome family.

Thursday, we did service at the State Park, and cleaned up the median in the entrance way! The weeds had sprung up and overtook it from the heavy rains the past few days! After we fixed it up, we got to go into the animal preservation/wildlife exhibit, and the guide showed us around! We got to hold a couple snakes, and a tarantula.... and pet a salamander, and a Gila Monster! I overcame my fears, and it was awesome!

We had a lesson with Spryte on Friday, about Temples. And it was so awesome!!!! The spirit was super strong. Their less active grandmother sat in the lesson. In Gaven's prayer, he thanked Heavenly Father for answering his question. I have never seen someone so young as him, except maybe one, who has been so hungry for the Gospel, who seeks so much to find answers to his prayers and questions, in the scriptures, pamphlets, everything. If anything, I think he has grown the most. 

Saturday we did planning and I had a Dr.'s appointment which went well! Hopefully we can figure out what's wrong with me! That night there was a super awesome lightning show, which literally was shooting lightning nonstop for at least an hour. 

Sunday was a really nice day! No talks, no Ward council, no teaching classes, we could just enjoy church for once! Haha. The overall theme was temples and family history! Awesome. :) A member fed us salmon for dinner again, and it was good! Who knows, maybe when I get home, I might actually enjoy the salmon from Texas Roadhouse! (I'm down if you are!) :)

Today we went to the temple, and it is GORGEOUS! I am so happy it is so close and coming along so nicely. I love the temple. The pictures only barely capture how magnificent it really is. :)

Well, I am so grateful to be on a mission! We should hopefully be able to meet with Lisa again this week. I have noticed the Spirit more as we go about doing good and seeking for it, and God makes up for our weaknesses!

I hope you have a fantastic week, I love you!
Sister Inman

P.S. Learn more about family history! It's awesome!
"Think- who should be at the kitchen table in this family tree? Who is missing and who needs their work done?" Interesting thought.
Sunday is a great day to share stories, pictures, and upload them to family search!

We FINALLY got to go see the temple today! It is GORGEOUS! And huge! I cannot wait for it to be done :)

.Looks exacly like the model, just better and more FANTASTIC. :)


Construction, and MORONI! I wish I could get a better picture of him, because he looks massive!

We went to the wildlife preservation place after service on Thursday, and the guide let us hold/touch a few of the animals! I figured Jesse would be proud of me, so THIS IS FOR YOU, JESSE! (Literally the reason I ventured to hold a tarantula. I did it for Jesse. And to overcome my fear of tarantulas haha.)

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, (Go Diamondbacks!) They were all rattling!
A Tarantula

The fangs

My initial, honest reaction

The guide holding a Gila Monster. The tail is super bumpy, like a ton of beads. And under each "bead" is a bone!

 Gila Monster! Ever seen one? I got to pet one!

A salamander! got to feel that one, too! Just look at that face, so cute :)

Sister Inman letter - July 25, 2016

Another week, and God still loves us!

Hello there!

Wow, I barely pass my halfway point of my mission, and all of my friends and family come home from theirs! Wow... To think of how fast time goes.

Well, this week was full of miracles and sweet promptings of the Spirit. I have noticed that it was increasingly more present with Sister Hunt and I this week, and I have learned that I should never take for granted or do anything that would drive the Spirit away.

So I left my journal at home.... So.... :(

We have been having some incredible miracles and successes lately though! We have a new investigator, Megan, who recently married a Less Active. He has actually been very spiritually influential on their family! He has taught them how to pray, and about faith, and he wants Megan to read the scriptures with him. We just gave her a set of scriptures, and she was so excited, because now she could read along with him, and even read when he is out of town for work. She came to church yesterday with her daughters!!! We were so happy.

And then there is Lisa. She is one of those less active's that has never really been active, even right after baptism. She never really developed that relationship with God, nor has she felt He has played any role in her life, because of all of the horrible things she has been through. We met with her, and had a fantastic lesson. Sister Hunt had forgotten her iPad that day, and when we were going to share a specific Mormon Message with her, we both felt like she wasn't ready. Sister Hunt asked more questions, and so I did, and I shared personal experiences, and the Spirit was so strong. And because we were open to it, we were both directed to specific scriptures. That was the first lesson that I've ever used that many scriptures to teach doctrine. We only used the scriptures, and she opened up to us.

A couple times during the lesson she just stopped and was just awe-struck. She'd say something like "you really believe that?" Or "wait.... You feel that same happiness that my son does, too?" And every time, Sister Hunt and I would say "YES. We KNOW it." It was just so neat to see how she was so amazed that it was possible that we could be so young, and yet already know for sure of God's love, already know that there is a plan for us, and already have experienced that permanent, lasting joy that comes from the Gospel alone. We felt so fantastic when we left that lesson. We left her with a bible and Book of Mormon, which she didn't want to take from us. We assured her that we had more where those came from. :) she was so grateful. We both had a really good feeling about her.

Spryte dropped her baptismal date, so she could wait till she was back in Utah. Her mom wants to see that it is truly her decision. We were at peace with it, and felt that it was what she needed, and that she needs a little more preparation. But we had a couple of really good lessons with her. She has grown, and her brother Gaven has grown so much spiritually. He is making spiritual connections that are so deep to him, and even I learn so much from him! We taught them the Ten Commandments using hand signs, and he memorized the scripture to go
along with it! :)

Thursday we went on exchanges, and Sister Daun came to the area with me! It was so fun, it was really nice to be with her. She is a hoot. :) For dinner that night, we had salmon and sautéed broccoli- probably the healthiest dinner of my mission. And guess what--- IT WAS SO GOOD! The BEST Salmon I had ever had, and I actually WANTED to eat it! It tasted so good, and I said a prayer beforehand that it would be, and that I would be able to eat it. I was pleasantly surprised. :) She sautéed her broccoli in oyster juice/stuff, and it actually had a good
flavor! I know, I'm going crazy, huh. I'm not the Sister Inman you used to know...haha.

On the plus side, I'm in better shape than I ever have been in my life! My calves are pretty solid. Working on my rock solid abs though haha. I actually enjoy exercise. I know, right?

Well, today we had a huge tournament combining the Northwest, Central, Spanish and Southeast Tucson Zones. There were ten games of 3 on 3, and I got to play a couple games too. Some of them got pretty intense! We decided to dress and act as cheerleaders, till they called me in to play. I represent the NW Zone. Haha.

You all are SO LUCKY you get to go up to the Pines!!! Lucky me I get to work in the blazing sun, about 175 degrees. But I guess I'm getting a tan out of it, so... YEAH, that's the other thing. I'm getting the sister missionary tan. And proud of it.

I hope that Dad has a fantastic birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Enjoy it! I have the best Dad. In the world.

Well I hope you all have a great week! I love you all and pray for you! :)

Sister Inman

Sisters Inman and Hunt

Tucson North Zone Conference