I am Sister Torie Inman and I have been called of God to serve as a full-time missionary for His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Arizona Tucson Mission.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sister Inman Letter - August 1, 2016


Hello family!

It sounds like Dad, Mom, and Jesse got to be in heaven for the past few days! How fun that you were able to enjoy the pines and reminisce! There are some great memories up there, some of my fondest ones :) You deserved a break!

Well, this week went by super fast! I feel like we just had a P-day a couple days ago! Wow! 

On Tuesday morning, we volunteered at a farm, and I learned how to turn manure! The things you learn and do as a missionary. You know the good-smelling stuff that they use for fertilizer? Yep, I got to work in the blazing hot sun and use pitch forks and sprayers to turn piles of manure. My feet and jeans got pretty gross. I now have a lot more respect for farmers who do this every day. Needless to say, I was sore the next day.

I also learned a little bit of Sign Language! there is a family in our ward that does sign, the Mom is an interpreter for a living, and her son happens to be deaf. It's so cool! So she is teaching all of her kids sign. :) I learned how to say I am a missionary for the church, and introduce myself! I want to learn more. And regain my Spanish.

Wednesday, we went to got visit a lady in the ward who had been suffering from some health problems. And on our way there, we saw an old old Korean lady outside (in the hot sun) picking up leaves in her yard. We said, "Let's go help her!" So we went out, and asked if she needed help. She excitedly waved to us and grinned, showing that she had no teeth, and also didn't know English. So we just started going around her yard, picking up leaves, and she smiled, and said "THAN YOO!" She could only pick up a few leaves at a time, then walked them over to a paper bag on her front porch. Then, she left. And closed the screen door. We continued to clean up her yard, and we hear a super loud laugh/cackle? Giggle? And she said "THAN YOOO!!!!" Weird. But we said "You're welcome!" And then went to the lady in our ward's house. Turns out, she is like 94, and doesn't know English. She lives with her daughter. How cute :)

That night we met with the Duke's, a less active couple, who are newlyweds and aiming for the temple before their baby comes! They shared with us their goals, and we had a good discussion. They came to church on Sunday, too. Super awesome family.

Thursday, we did service at the State Park, and cleaned up the median in the entrance way! The weeds had sprung up and overtook it from the heavy rains the past few days! After we fixed it up, we got to go into the animal preservation/wildlife exhibit, and the guide showed us around! We got to hold a couple snakes, and a tarantula.... and pet a salamander, and a Gila Monster! I overcame my fears, and it was awesome!

We had a lesson with Spryte on Friday, about Temples. And it was so awesome!!!! The spirit was super strong. Their less active grandmother sat in the lesson. In Gaven's prayer, he thanked Heavenly Father for answering his question. I have never seen someone so young as him, except maybe one, who has been so hungry for the Gospel, who seeks so much to find answers to his prayers and questions, in the scriptures, pamphlets, everything. If anything, I think he has grown the most. 

Saturday we did planning and I had a Dr.'s appointment which went well! Hopefully we can figure out what's wrong with me! That night there was a super awesome lightning show, which literally was shooting lightning nonstop for at least an hour. 

Sunday was a really nice day! No talks, no Ward council, no teaching classes, we could just enjoy church for once! Haha. The overall theme was temples and family history! Awesome. :) A member fed us salmon for dinner again, and it was good! Who knows, maybe when I get home, I might actually enjoy the salmon from Texas Roadhouse! (I'm down if you are!) :)

Today we went to the temple, and it is GORGEOUS! I am so happy it is so close and coming along so nicely. I love the temple. The pictures only barely capture how magnificent it really is. :)

Well, I am so grateful to be on a mission! We should hopefully be able to meet with Lisa again this week. I have noticed the Spirit more as we go about doing good and seeking for it, and God makes up for our weaknesses!

I hope you have a fantastic week, I love you!
Sister Inman

P.S. Learn more about family history! It's awesome!
"Think- who should be at the kitchen table in this family tree? Who is missing and who needs their work done?" Interesting thought.
Sunday is a great day to share stories, pictures, and upload them to family search!

We FINALLY got to go see the temple today! It is GORGEOUS! And huge! I cannot wait for it to be done :)

.Looks exacly like the model, just better and more FANTASTIC. :)


Construction, and MORONI! I wish I could get a better picture of him, because he looks massive!

We went to the wildlife preservation place after service on Thursday, and the guide let us hold/touch a few of the animals! I figured Jesse would be proud of me, so THIS IS FOR YOU, JESSE! (Literally the reason I ventured to hold a tarantula. I did it for Jesse. And to overcome my fear of tarantulas haha.)

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, (Go Diamondbacks!) They were all rattling!
A Tarantula

The fangs

My initial, honest reaction

The guide holding a Gila Monster. The tail is super bumpy, like a ton of beads. And under each "bead" is a bone!

 Gila Monster! Ever seen one? I got to pet one!

A salamander! got to feel that one, too! Just look at that face, so cute :)

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