I am Sister Torie Inman and I have been called of God to serve as a full-time missionary for His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Arizona Tucson Mission.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Sister Inman Letter - April 25, 2016

Sick all this week, but STOKED for next week!


Well, here's another boring email. Sorry. I have been sick alllllll week long. So I am super behind on my journal entries, and they would most likely be something like, "Day 4, Still stick. Threw up. Did nothing else all day."

So I will spare you the details, because there aren't many to report :)

MONDAY: We had P-day, I don't really remember what happened, because I got sick that night. BUT, before that, we did an FHE with the Ashenbremers. We were teaching them about charity and service, so we did a little activity with them. We did a little service scavenger hunt, Team Mom and Team Dad, and they had to find different acts of service they could do around the house. For example, find one bed that is not your own, and make it. Pick up two toys that are not yours. Put away any clothes that aren't your own. Hug your teammate. Draw a picture for someone on the other team and write one nice thing about them. And they had about 3 minutes to do it, and they had fun! We always have a hard time keeping their attention, (especially the kids') but it was good! And at the end we had each of them draw a name (It was their "secret mission") and they had to do something every day to serve that person in their family. But they had to do it as a secret. So, for fun, we gave each of them these goofy glasses to wear as a disguise so no one could tell it was them doing service. I'd say it was rather clever. :) (Thanks, Spirit!) That night I got very sick, it seemed like food poisoning from lunch... yeah...

TUESDAY: Woke up in the middle of the night, sick again. We texted Sister Passey about what to do, and she texted back, "Go back to bed. There is a nasty stomach flu going around that lasts about 24 hours. Drink lots of clear fluids and sleep as much as you can." She said to stay in until I can keep down food and don't feel nauseous anymore. So, I did, and we ended up having to cancel all of our appointments for the day... I didn't get better like I was hoping. But my stomach started feeling better by the night time, but then my head was on fire. So I was in great shape.

WEDNESDAY morning, we went to a funeral for Peggy's daughter Brandy's Father-in-law. Very somber, very sad. There were a lot of rough-around-the-edges people there, some of which from Brandy and Mike's biker gang (it's a good gang that protects abused and neglected children). It was really neat to see these big, tatted up guys go up to Mike's mom and give her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Very sad for the family.

Right afterwards, we went to zone breakout before district meeting. We talked about zone goals for this month. Then, we talked about preparing for Elder Holland to come this week. ON WEDNESDAY!!!! SUUper excited for that! We each get to meet him and shake his hand. We will also get a mission photo, probably with him, as well as Lynn G. Robbins of the presidency of the 70, and their wives. Sister Charles is saying the closing prayer for the meeting and is super nervous haha.

THURSDAY we went to the temple, and did an endowment session. I took a family name! Yay! I love the temple. This time, I actually went in with a specific set of questions, and pondered about them beforehand. Then my mind was opened and I remembered some more questions that I had! My mind was enlightened. I still don't have very many answers, but hopefully one day I will. :) I was still sick, but Heavenly Father blessed me to be able to do and enjoy the whole session!!! God is a God of miracles.

FRIDAY we drove all the way to Tucson because we both had Doctor's appointments! That was a disaster. Tucson traffic and drivers are terrible. They honk at you when you barely got a green light, and are not very nice. On our way back, we got lost for about an hour and a half, in Tucson, then got stuck in rush hour traffic for a while, then drove through Benson, got something to eat really quick, because we hadn't eaten all day, then I started feeling really sick again. And we finally made it back home close to curfew. It was bad.

SATURDAY we had comp. study with the Thatcher sisters, then went to the farm for service! We got to work in the greenhouse, to pot tomatoes. Sister McCombie and I were in charge of keeping the soil wet. I love her. Essentially we got to play with mud and it was okay to do so. :) 
We had another lesson with Race, and he opened up and talked more! We were so excited, because he normally doesn't say much. Apparently he was really sad when we had to cancel the other day. He's a cute kid. 

SUNDAY, church was really good! Lots of things that I needed to hear, and very cool insights I gained!

Something that I learned that was really cool, when we do work for the dead, we then give our dead the power and ability to influence their descendants, even those in other countries who have not yet accepted the gospel. The power of those on the other side of the veil is more powerful than we think it is! Maybe we won't send missionaries to all of the countries throughout the world right away, but the power than comes from our ancestors can soften hearts faster than we can. Pretty neat. :)

We had a missionary meeting for the Pima Stake, which includes two sets of missionaries for 7 wards..... and the high priest over missionary work. We are going to get things moving in ALL of our wards!!!

At dinner, we had homemade sorbet for dessert. They made a ton and gave us the leftovers, like half a gallon! YES!!!! :D

Anyway, I'm sorry for the supah lame email this week. I've got some pictures, so I hope it makes up for it! I got Jake and Chauncey's wedding invite! They're so cute. That's so awesome you could do a temple session with them! I want to meet her! She sounds like she will be a fantastic addition to our family, and that makes me happy! :) We're getting another Inman!

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!


Sister Inman

The Seesters

The Ashenbremer's

​Fabulous disguises

Inline image 1

Our district minus one set of Elders
L to R: Elder Phillips, Elder Farnsworth (DL), me, Sister Brown, Sister McCombie, and Sister Charles

Inline image 2

Hna's Anderson and Garcia, then at the end is Sisters Steele and Dunn

Inline image 4

Almost turned Right!!! I miss it!

Inline image 5

Went to eegee's!!!

Yet another selfie (sorry)

The Farm and our crew feat. Max, the guy in charge

Sister McCombie and I

Stopped to smell the...roses?

The Farm

We got to stop by the temple while we were in Tucson! It is coming along so fast! It is ancicipated that it will be finished and dedicated in March of next year. :)

Kindred Spirits

Strictly Business

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