I am Sister Torie Inman and I have been called of God to serve as a full-time missionary for His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Arizona Tucson Mission.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sister Inman Letter - May 23, 2016

Could this week have been any crazier?! BAH Transfers.

Hola querido familia!

Como fue su semana?

Mine was pretty hectic, and exhausting, and EVERYTHING ELSE!

SO Monday was the most bizarre, crazy P-day of my life, we were trying to figure out transfers and transport and stuff, because since Sister Charles was a departing missionary, she had to go up the night before, and I had to find a new companion. We didn't get out of the house until like 12 or 12:30 so we didn't have much time left after that to do the stuff we needed to.

But we did emails for about an hour or something, and I finally got all of the pictures from the MTC!!! I was super happy about that, I can send you some of them later. :)
After that we went to Sports to say goodbye to everyone, etc. Every single companionship in our zone was changed! Isn't that crazy? Wow. That night I was in a temporary trio with Sister Brown and Sister Steele because we all lost our companions. Sister McCombie is training! She's so awesome. I love her. She just finished being trained, too!

Tuesday was transfers, and we picked up our new companions! My new companion is Sister Chandler! She is from Rupert, ID and has been out for about 11 months. My trainer trained her trainer. In other words, Sister Addie Brown (My trainer) trained Sister Crissy Brown (her trainer). Ha! weird. (Sister Brown, the trainer who trains? Name that movie). Transfers are always super awkward. You never know what to say. 

Wednesday we met our new zone! Don't really know anybody except HNA. ADAMS is my new STL!!!! It was fun to see her again, my follow up trainer :) 

It was POURING down rain on Wednesday!!! Did you guys get it over there? That night we drove to Tucson, and spent the night at the Casas Adobes Sisters (Sister Packer, my MTC Companion and Sister Daun from my first zone!) So much fun. We were there because I had a doctor's appointment early the next morning so it was a lot easier to drive 15 minutes in the morning rather than 2.5 hours even earlier in the morning. :) That was a fun reunion.

Thursday, holy cow I was exhausted! I had my doctor's appointment, then we had lunch with the sisters, and I drove most of the way home from Tucson! Scary, that's the longest I've ever driven. And Tucson drivers are scary. But Sister Chandler drove yesterday, so I guess it was my turn. But I was way too tired to finish the trip safely, so I asked Sister Chandler to drive from Willcox to Safford. Long day for both of us. 

Friday morning we went to Food Bank, and helped out! We were also finally able to meet with Peggy again, Rudy, and Race! Peggy is a sweet lady, but kind of stubborn. She said "I'm this close. Be patient with me, don't give up on me. It'll happen, just not yet. I'll get there." We're gonna hold you to that, Peggy, you'll see. :) She's fun. We gotta get that lady to church though. Next week!

Saturday was weekly planning basically the whole day! Yay...

Sunday was good, we had church in Central this week. I was super exhausted physically, and was falling asleep, but what I caught was really good! It was about giving selfless service.

I am glad to hear that the reception went well and that I was able to be there!!!! :) How fun. Do you have any other pictures from it? Jake and Chauncey are cute as ever, I love them so much. And Chauncey is the best sister-in-law I've ever had, I love her already. :)

Sorry this week's letter is pretty lame!!! My journal entries have been really short and boring. :( But I know that this gospel is true, and I have begun to realize the power that I can draw from it as I exercise my faith and repent, and allow the Atonement to change me. My testimony of it has strengthened so much. It doesn't matter where you have mean nearly as much as it matters where you are willing to go, and with the help of the Savior, who you will become. I love that truth. Christ knows each and every one of us! He LOVES us! He loves YOU!

Something that I learned from President Passey was that it is one thing to love God, and another to try to love another person, but we often forget the third side of the triangle. We must never forget the love that God has for that person, and the love that they are trying to develop for God. When we remember that, our love for that person increases drastically. Something to think about :)

Love you all! Have a great week!!!

Sister Inman

P.S. Have fun at AP Camp Jesse!

Also, we are 5 generation Arizona natives, right? SO... where do we come from? 

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