I am Sister Torie Inman and I have been called of God to serve as a full-time missionary for His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Arizona Tucson Mission.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Sister Inman Letter - May 9, 2016

Rough week, but man does God know me!

Hi family!

Well, this week has been rough, but GUESS WHAT. God supports and sustains His missionaries! I have definitely felt of God's love and support this week, and have felt the promise as contained in the scripture,"And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." Doctrine and Covenants 84:88

On Monday, I had a rough day, but when we went to go get groceries.... a kind man paid for BOTH OF US. I just about cried. It ended up being about $110, and he offered without knowing how much it would be. I hope that God showers a multitude of blessings upon him. He turned out to be a member that wasn't in our ward, but we were so grateful.

Tuesday was a little better! I could feel His love and strength and peace. I have come to understand that when we humble ourselves, that is when the Spirit can be present with us, and guide us and comfort and strengthen us. I was more capable and closer to the Spirit, and was more in tune to the needs of others, which was neat to see. 

Wednesday (May the FOURTH be with you!!!!!) :) Happy Star Wars Day! We had zone meeting which was good!

Thursday was just an awkward day. 

We as a zone are going to sing a musical number at our half-mission conference this week (A member of the 70 is coming! Woo! Elder and Sister Foster). Luckily, most of our zone is willing and can carry a tune :D  We did service at the food bank, which is always fun, I love working there! It is fun to do service with all the other missionaries, because you can work and get to know one another at the same time. :)

Friday was alright. We had interviews with President Passey, and that went well. He was very supportive of me, and had lots of encouraging words, and expressed his full confidence in my abilities, and told me that I have grown so much spiritually, and that he can see great things coming from me. That I am going to continue to grow, and that there is so much success and greatness that awaits me when I do. He said, "You've had quite a few stretching experiences, but I can see you doing great things. Sister Inman, you will go places. I have high hopes for you, and you have pushed through and keep going, despite setbacks and challenges, and I'm going to celebrate that."

I also gained a sister on Friday! Another Inman!!!!! I am so excited that she is part of our family now. I can't wait to meet her finally. I think she belongs in this family. I approve. :) And the reception pictures were beautiful :) You two are so cute.

Saturday was rough. But I got help throughout the day, and got the strength to move forward.

Sunday was AWESOME!!!! Great day. It was Mother's Day. We went to the Pima wards, and RAY and RUDY came!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! :D We were so happy. God's tender mercies are the sweetest. Rudy stayed all three hours, because his ride home stayed haha. But he said he enjoyed it! Yayyy! He has experienced a total change of heart, and his whole countenance has changed. He went from Doubting Thomas to a man of great faith. What? Sometimes, you need traumatic experiences to shake you up enough to make a change. And that's just what happened with Rudy.

Ray's baptism is this Saturday! We have been meeting with him about 3 times a week, and have two more lessons with him before his interview! SO EXCITED! Man, it's gonna be one of the coolest baptisms ever. He is so prepared.

I got to Skype home on Sunday! It was kinda weird, because it was only Mom, Dad, and Jesse! But it was nice to see those familiar faces, and we had a good talk. I love my family! Jesse looks so big now...... he's a grown man. :( Is he taller than Jake yet?

Anyway, so that was my week in a nutshell! Nothing too exciting. BUT I am excited for the half mission conference on Thursday! It'll be good. 

A couple more thoughts from Elder Holland and Lynn G. Robbins from the conference:

"This is the most important institution in the world. This is the most important work in the UNIVERSE. And God has left it up to young adults, some of you only 18 years old. You need to take this work SERIOUSLY."
"This is the church of eternal progression. You will not make any U-Turns."
"Do not ever ever EVER walk away from your mission. I can understand the one and the ninety and nine, but I cannot imagine losing a shepherd."

The Discussion
He went over to the whiteboard to start our discussion, and started writing, and said "I write in reformed Egyptian, don't worry about this." haha. His handwriting wasn't too bad. I was looking for different things that Mom looks for in handwriting analysis, but couldn't remember what they meant. Well shoot!
  • Why are we here? Because of the Fall. We brought upon ourselves Physical and Spiritual Death. 2 Nephi 9:6-9 (He asked where we could find that truth, and I knew the answer but chickened out, so he answered it. That was my only regret of that conference. I should have commented. Grrr. Kicking myself in the shins for it. I wish I had participated more. Still can't get over it. -_- )
  • Therefore.... We need a Redeemer.
Which brings us to:
The Enabling Power of the Atonement
1. He is our Advocate with the Father
We want to get into the court room, but we cannot even enter or have any say. We NEED the Savior.
2. Plan of Mercy---Satisfies Justice
Only one person has the power of attorney to give you the ability to enter into God's presence. He buys you a chance to repair the damage. He pleads with the Father to hold the axe a little longer, so He/missionaries can plead with people with all of our might to repent. Time is running out, the probation period is almost up.
3. He is the Surrogate for the Father
He is both the Advocate AND the Judge! He can balance the scales because He is the KEEPER of the scales. The only way that the story is fair is if the Judge, NOT the advocate or the person pays the price. Only HE has the power to do this. "God himself shall come down" to atone for the sins of the world.
4. The Gift of the Holy Ghost
The enabling power comes through the visitation of the Holy Ghost which comes after you prepare yourself to exercise divine power. The Holy Ghost cannot dwell where there is sin. You must receive a remission of sins in order to have the Holy Ghost. Christ HAD to leave, and die, so that the Holy Ghost can come. He HAD to atone, so we could receive that enabling power, or he would have no power to give us, because He hadn't performed the Atonement yet.
5. The Priesthood

The Priesthood holds the keys to all of the spiritual blessings of the church. Do you want to be enabled? Have power? Solve a problem bigger than you? Help investigators? Then you need these two things that ONLY our church has: 1)The Gift of the Holy Ghost, and 2) The Priesthood [after the order of the Son of God], which comes only through the Holy Ghost, which is given to man by the priesthood.

Hope you all have a fantastic week! We have one more week as a companionship before Sister Charles goes home. Wow. I will be taking over the area! Four wards! Holy moly! Scary. Anyway, I love you all, and pray for you daily!

Sister Inman


Our mission with Elder Holland and Elder Robbins! (Can you spot them?) So cool :D

Mi familia! (got to Skype home for Mothers' Day)

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