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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sister Inman Letter - November 23, 2015

Well THAT was a Curveball! Transfer #2

Hola mi familia!

Man, so many miracles and interesting things this week. Here we go.


I bought a new watch today, because the other cheap one wasn't cutting it and kept breaking. This one is sturdier, it's a TIMEX but still conservative and not too fancy.

We played RACQUETBALL for P-day and it was so fun! I've never played before, but I somewhat learned, and it was so fun :)

I've discovered that Elder Deyarmond and I connect on a weird level. As in he makes weird faces, and I make a worse one back haha. He's turning out to be one of my favorites. Turns out He's 3 days younger than me, but has been out for about a year. Too bad he is being transferred to New Mexico. Anyway.

Exchanges tonight! I exchanged with Hermana Gregory, and she is super awesome! She is Lacey's age. She is finishing her mission in 3 weeks.

Tuesday: Today was GREAT! Exchanges went really well. I love Hermana Gregory. She already taught me a lot within 24 hours. She helped answer some of my personal questions, and she felt like an older sister to me, which was cool :)

Together we visited a couple of less-actives that we hadn't been able to see before. For some reason, it was more easy for me to take charge and be more social or to be able to speak and not be afraid with people. It was great! Something Hna. Gregory told me was to not become my trainer, but to take the things I learn from her and add it to your personal qualities. Because we don't need two of one sister. I was called here because someone needs a Sister Torie Inman!

We exchanged back, and I was sad.


District Meeting, with a brief Zone meeting via Face Time with the other districts.
Had everyone sign my journal (There is this thing where you have somewhat of a yearbook where you save it specifically for the Elders and Sisters to sign when you or they leave. Kinda cool, so I'm doing that). Since I was pretty sure I was leaving.
We got a district picture together and it took quite a few tries, because there seemed to always be someone making a face.

Thursday: Good day! FULL of Miracles!
We volunteered at a food bank- helped break down boxes, stack cans, shrink-wrap things, transfer frozen turkeys for Thanksgiving, good stuff. The guy was super grateful because we got done in an hour what would have taken him a whole day or more to do by himself.
Lesson with Josie: MIRACLES all over the place! She had originally cancelled our meetings "until further notice" but I had a thought that I should say "Hey, Josie, so Sister Inman is probably being transferred, and so she wants to see you before she leaves". Which was actually true. And it WORKED! And guess what. Everything that we had prepared, she basically taught us in the first 15 minutes or so. She had gotten an "urge" to read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet that we gave her. She said "It makes so much more sense now! I wish I would have read this before you came last time, because the things you were saying make sense now that I have read this!" YES Josie! You got it! She basically said "Wow, I learn and understand so much more when I do the reading beforehand" and it was wonderful. Her heart has been softened since our last lesson that went really bad. Even she said it was very frustrating for her. But she promised to finish reading the pamphlet and wants to know if what we are saying is true. And it's wonderful.
Dinner with the Jewkes' family. I love them, they're the nicest, most wonderful, charitable people I've met here. They made us homemade waffles which were really good.

We are starting to teach Jaden, Yvonne's daughter! We are praying that her dad will allow her to be baptized, as a minor must have both parents' permission.

Friday: DUN DUN DUN. So I had too much on my mind from Friday, so I only wrote down my favorite parts aha.

So, you were probably wondering what the Subject line for this email was all about. Well guess what. We got Transfer News Friday night, instead of Saturday or Sunday. AP Elder Malcarne called us after dinner, and left us a message saying: "Hey! Sisters! This is Elder Malcarne. I have some transfer news for you! So call me back when you get the chance!" He didn't answer at first, so meanwhile we are hearing about everybody else's transfer calls, which adds to the suspense.

SO, (Are you excited? I am!)

He said "Who wants to go first?" So I was volun-told. He said "Sister Inman will be receiving a new companion! And then taking over the area!" [Wait WHAT?! We thought we misheard him, we had to ask him again and again if he got it right haha] He said yep, and Sister Inman, you're going to do great. You're gonna be awesome, and I know you'll be successful, etc. Your companion is going to be Hermana Adams.

Therefore leading us to Sister Brown, who will be moved to Tucson YSA 3rd Ward, in a trio for 3 weeks, until one sister goes home mid-transfer.

What a curveball. We were so in shock. Neither of us expected this. Heck, I had already started packing and saying goodbye to a few people already because we all know how bad of a procrastinator I am. But I guess the Lord trusts me here, and President Passey shares His confidence in me as well.

Today was kind of meh. I was exhausted physically and mentally.

Sunday: Good day!

We had a few Less Actives come to church today and it was awesome! The Bryce family came to church and their son finally got ordained a deacon and received the Aaronic priesthood :)
The Wallace's came to church- they haven't since I've been here! We went over to their house later that night for hot cocoa and toast. (And a message from us).
We got a flat tire today. A big hole poked through. It rapidly deflated the tire... We had to get Bro. Stacey (member) and Bro Sukut (non member, his wife is though) to change it for us. It was really a tender mercy because we found the hole and it went flat right in front of the member's home, so they were able to help us with that.
We have two Thanksgiving dinners so far, and a pie party the day before, so yeah aha. I already feel so fat and it's not even the big holidays yet :( I hope you all get to have an enjoyable Thanksgiving!

Well, that was my week! It sounds like there has been a lot going on back home... I'm sending prayers your way! I hope all goes well with you all. I love you! Have a great week!

Sister Inman
My District:

Left to Right Top: Elder Jeffery, Elder Whittle (DL), Elder Phippen, Elder Ludlow, Elder Garcia
Bottom: Me, Sister Phippen, Sister Brown
1. It was nice outside and we were walking.
2. We've had lots of rain, and lots of rainbows. This one was in our backyard (isn't the view lovely), and it's a double one if you look closely!
3. Nice day outside, and I was happy.
4. Our flat tire.... It got worse a few minutes later.



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