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Monday, November 16, 2015

Sister Inman Letter - November 16, 2015

Nooooooooo! Week 6!

Well, this is my last week in my area. I don't find out where I am going until Saturday, but man, am I anxious to find out. I am very sad to leave these people. But... you know.

Monday- We stopped by this antique/collectibles shop right by our house, and there are some really cool things there! I got a couple of small things, and I was excited :)

For sports, we tried to do hungry hungry hippos, but..... it didn't last long because we had to improvise the supplies haha. I skinned my elbows. And everything failed miserably. But it was Elders Judy and Dilworth, Whittle and Garcia, Jeffery and Ludlow, Deyarmond and Burns, and Sisters Daun and Mizell, and then us. We tried haha.

We stopped by Kim and Steve's house, and talked with them! He doesn't believe in organized religion, but we asked him if he would be willing to have us come over and teach him/talk about our beliefs. And he accepted! New investigator for 2nd ward!

I fell asleep before finishing my journal, so I don't remember anything else about Monday.

Tuesday- Good day!
New missionary/trainer training meeting in Benson, AZ. Elders O'shia and Malcarne gave awesome trainings. They're the best. Then the new missionaries could have an individual conference with the Passey's to ask questions, etc. I got to ask a couple.

Lesson with Yvonne, 3 Nephi 11

Dinner with the Wilkinsons! They are the part-member family (the wife is baptized but hasn't been active really ever in her life, so they don't really have an organized religion. They are the ones that we taught who he is an elder in their church, and they love the Bible, and Jesus, etc. and we invited them to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it.

So they took us out to eat at a GERMAN diner. Like legitimate german food! We got there early, because at night it was packed! I tried Schnitzel for the first time and it was good! I had a dish called Jagerschnitzel, which is like breaded pork with mushrooms and sauteed onions and a creamy gravy thing on top. It was really good! Different than anything I've really had. On the side, I had noodles called spatzel or something like that. it's the same idea as alfredo, but tastes completely different with a different kind of noodle, different texture. But that was good. Then french fires on the side. I didn't want to have potato pancakes. But I thought of Jesse when I ordered fries haha. I ate everything on my plate! (Even the mushrooms! I don't like mushrooms!) and it was really good! I felt sick for a couple days afterwards though.

Bro. Wilkinson hadn't read the Book of Mormon, because they had packed everything up. They are moving to Prescott.

We went to a RS Activity and made different Christmas crafts and it made me happy because I got to make all of them :)

Lesson with Gage. He is a recent convert from around May. He is 10 years old, and has been through a lot in his life....... and boy, do I love that kid. I can feel how much Heavenly Father must love him too. The Gospel is the best thing he has in his life, and he is a lot stronger than most kids are his age.

Wednesday- I feel sick. I don't think my body likes german food.

Lesson with Yvonne- Family History work and Baptisms for the dead

2 ward mission leader coordination meetings today. Dinner cancelled on us, so we could actually eat at the RS activity tonight! This one was about centering the holidays on Christ. We invited Anna and she came early, then we said we would be right back (we went to the bathroom) and then when we came back she was gone. We found her in her car, on the phone. She smiled and waved to us. So we went back inside, hoping she would come in when she was done. She never did. She completely left. She never texted or called, and we couldn't get ahold of her. Nothing. We don't know why she left, or what happened.

Tonight was supposed to be exchanges, but we had to cancel because one of the sisters got sick. I was going to be taking over the area! But it's okay. We rescheduled for Friday.

We gave all of the Elders (and the Phippens) a plate of cookies that I/we made (the peanut butter ones with the Hershey's kiss in the middle) and they were all so happy and LOVED them. :)

Thursday- HAPPY 1-MONTH!!!!! Today was a good day.
Service at the ranch
12 week training

ALL of our appointments cancelled on us today. So we tried some potentials and less actives and met a nonmember who is in a part-member family who wouldn't mind visits. Josie cancelled on us and wouldn't set a return appointment with us. She said cancel until further notice. Yeah, okay.

AND GUESS WHAT. MY NAME TAGS FINALLY CAME IN!!!!! :D I attached a video that Sister brown took of me. I was so happy.

Friday- Man, I need to start my journal earlier. I keep falling asleep while writing.

So today we did studies, then went to Fry's. Then we went to Big O' Tires. Then lunch/nap time then weekly planning. Dun dun dunnn... We got most of it done in one sitting!

Dinner with Yvonne- she is such a good cook!
Finished weekly planning. We never do in one day. Sister Brown wanted to stop because it was late, but I said we should finish because we were so close to the end. So we did. I had the idea that we should do companion (family) nightly prayer. Just at the end of the day, we pray about concerns, etc. Then we each can finish getting ready for bed,etc. I felt it would help us be more unified if we ended the day with a prayer. The spirit was there. :)
Exchanges didn't happen, because the other Sister got sick. Planned for Monday night.
Anna texted us and told us she was in Mexico.

Saturday- Well, another week has gone by. Transfers are in a week and a couple days. We fasted today for a girl in Elder Whittle's area who desperately needed it. It worked. I hadn't ever fasted like I did today, I prayed several times throughout the day for my purpose (I also fasted for other things) and it worked!
Lots of finding activities today. We drove to Palominas and tried there for a couple hours, because it is far away, and we need to save miles.
Lesson with Yvonne- Holy Ghost/Gift of the Holy Ghost/ Spiritual Gifts and the difference between the three (Yvonne's choice). Yvonne wants me and Sister Brown to go with her when she goes through the temple in a year from now. She chose the San Diego Temple. So.... not likely for me, but maybe I can go with her another time!
Dinner with Howards- Pumpkin beef stew. Huh, interesting. BUT for dessert we had homemade (like with a pumpkin, I think) PUMPKIN PIE. SO GOOD.
Visited the Bryce's. Less active family, that are becoming more active! Woo! Cool family, with interesting backgrounds. Very nice and welcoming.
Sunday- Yvonne got confirmed today!!! and Thiana came! (her daughter) She supported her mother. Yvonne cried, but everyone could feel the overwhelming support and love that everyone has for her. The microphone was spotty, so I couldn't hear everything, but the Spirit was there!
Sierra Vista 2nd Ward council lasted 2 and a half hours. It wasn't as bad this time, as it was actively engaged and focused on people rather than details to an event. It is really heartwarming to see how the ward council really loves each person and family, and how willing everyone is to coordinate and sacrifice to make sure each member of the ward is taken care of, as much as possible/logical. I love how it is a team effort and an attitude of "What can be done for this person", and have each auxiliary help in whatever way they can. Really neat.
Anna texted us and said she decided not to be baptized anymore, so don't bother to drop by, but thank you for everything. We don't know what to do. This is the second time since she has been an investigator that she has dropped us. She was so excited, then we invited her to the activity, which she came to, but completely up and left. She disappeared... Then the next day she says she is in Mexico, missing church on Sunday, so therefore, no Baptism on the 21st. Really put a damper on our Spirits. We just pulled off the side of the road and prayed, and pondered, and tried to see what could be done for her. We haven't received an answer yet, but we called her with no answer, so we didn't stop by.
So we continued onward and visited the Villalobos, somewhat less-active, but also partly recent converts, but also a part-member family. They finally let us in, and we talked about testimony. They actually came to church today! And so did the Meyer's and the Bryce's! So it was a successful Sunday still. :) That made us feel better after we taught the Villalobos.
But yeah, that was my week. Kind of a bummer week, because Hereford Ward is really struggling. We have no progressing investigators. People keep cancelling. But you know what, it's not always going to be easy. And I still love being a missionary.
I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you!
Sister Inman

These ones are various ones from Mormon Helping Hands and service on Thursdays.

 Me and sister brown
Basically describes their relationship
The little bike thingy I was trying to describe last week haha
I got my name tags in the mail :)

Elders Whittle and Ludlow

 Video: I got my nametag!!!!!! :D


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