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Monday, November 9, 2015

Sister Inman Letter - November 9, 2015 (WITH LOTS OF PHOTOS !!!!)

Week 5? What?!

Man, time goes by SO FAST! Nooooooo!

So we had a pretty good week overall, but the second half was better. Here's how it went.

So we went to the library to email. (Side note: In his weekly letter, President Passey included three paragraphs from my letter to him! It gets sent to the whole mission. So that was pretty cool.)
We played sports with the Elders in our district and our ZL's (zone leaders). We played lightning and then we played a game of basketball. I'm actually getting the hang of it! It is pretty fun! Granted it's only half-court and no one keeps score. That's the best way. We switch up the teams and sometimes it is everyone vs. Elder Whittle because he's really good at it. It's all fun though. :) It's also encouraging when there isn't any down-talk. Like you can miss or mess up and there is still the "Good job, Sister Inman, you got this!" haha.
Visited some LA's (less active families).

Good day! Our Spirits are high. Funny thing is, ALL of our appointments cancelled on us today, except for the last one which turned out pretty good, and non of our potentials answered, and we only got in to see one less active.
We heart-attacked Yvonne's door. She came home from work and started crying when she saw it haha. :) I love her. She deserves the best God has to offer her.
Chyenne and Ethan moved into another ward.
Anna is moving to Three Points soon to live with her friend... so we don't know about her baptism
It was super chilly today. LOTS OF WIND. Anyway. Lesson with the Schaafs (finally! after 3 weeks of not seeing them).


Good day today! We all went down and did service with commodities (food bank). Essentially, all those who are needy can come and receive food that is past its sell-by date, but that is still fresh and good/ excess food given to stores.
So at 8:30am in the wind and rain we went down there and helped bag zucchinis. There were a TON. We got an assembly line going though. Anyway, so people would drive up in their cars and we would give them food according to the size of their household (the number on their windshield). We stayed till around 12:15pm. It stopped raining luckily.
2:00- Anna~ Temples and FH (family history) Work
3:00- Debbie~ Alma 41(from the Book of Mormon) - Resurrection/Law of Restoration/Referrals
5:00- Dinner with Wiltfong's
6:30- Angelina and Mina Hansen/Family Lesson 1... Two 8 year olds bouncing off the walls, so Angelina couldn't concentrate. Hopefully she learned something.
7:30- Yvonne~ The hearts stuck! Even through that crazy storm!~ Missionary work and service. She is going to be fantastic. She is so ready. She bought us flower bouquets to thank us for her door. That wasn't the point of us doing it! Haha.

Man, what a day. WOW.
ZONE CONFERENCE- Loved it! 10am-2:45ish.
Training by President Passey: "Good, Better, and Best"
Sister Passey: More effective study, etc.
AP training: Teach people, not lessons, listening and asking questions, role plays.
Turns out that we and the Passey's do most likely have common ancestors. Pretty far back though.
LESSON WITH JOSIE.  Plan of Salvation- We didn't even get past the pre-Earth life. She is not convinced, and wants proof in the Bible (or possibly Book of Mormon) to prove her wrong. She was not making connections, and we couldn't come to a mutual understanding, as she gathers truth from TV and National Geographic. Contentious lesson, the Spirit really struggled to be there.
Anyway. THEN WE HAD A MIRACLE! Anna is not moving after all, and we will be all set for her baptism coming up on the 21st! YAY! God loves us!

Weekly Planning. But I guess it wasn't too bad today.
Taught a lesson to Johnny Rawlings (just turned 8, going to be baptized). Sister Rawlings is an awesome ward missionary.
Dinner with the Stacey's

5:30am wake up
6am- go help set up for Mormon Helping Hands (the Elders helped us out too). I guess Elder Jeffery just turned 21 today.
Anyway, so we helped out at a middle/elementary school to help paint the playground. It takes forever! But there were other projects at a couple other schools, lots of work to be done. I got paint EVERYWHERE. All up in my hair, and on my arms, everything. And it's the heavy duty paint that DOESN'T WASH OFF.
Fast forward..... 3:30pm- THE BAPTISM!
It was so perfect, The entire RS room was filled. So many people came, it was awesome! Almost every missionary that has taught her came, as well as two sets of Elders with investigators/ or because they did the 5MTM (not sure what this means). Yvonne brought all of the women sunflowers. She is so giving. But you're not supposed to bring things for your own baptism! She did anyway haha. All of her daughters were there, and that was exciting. Her nonmember friends from work, etc. Her best friend since the 90s baptized her. Beautiful program. No, I did not speak. :/ But Yvonne bore her testimony at the end. Strong Spirit there.

Another good day!
Stake Conference was super good! I loved all of the talks! I need to work on a few things.
Then studies, lunch, finish weekly planning ( I wish we didn't have to).
Dinner with the Brobst's. Crockpot Lasagna!!! (Mom, it was really good! Maybe you could take your recipe and put it in the crockpot so it can cook all day and you won't have to worry about it! It was almost as good as yours, but yours is still top notch :))

So yeah, that was my week! Rough start, great end!!!
This gospel is so true! I get to testify of it every day! I study it and learn more every day as I live as a missionary, talk as a missionary, and think like a missionary! It is the sweetest thing ever to not only feel it bless my life, but to see how much it can bless others.

Have a great week!
Sister Inman
Zone Conference - Sierra Vista Zone
November 2015
Yvonne Before
Those who taught Yvonne
Yvonne After Baptism
Me and Zoey (Yvonne's youngest daughter)

We heart-attacked her door :)

We saw a full rainbow, and then a double one right next to it!
Stereotypical mirror selfie. Do I look like a missionary?


Doesn't it remind you of Cabella's?

Me and Sister Brown...

Elder Whittle and Elder Jeffery

"Fly away, Stanley, Be FREE!" -Filmore from Cars

Members fed us Halloween-themed dinner haha.

Seriously....It's a bit much
From the farm

"Fly away, Stanley, Be FREE!" -Filmore from Cars
Not the best picture of me, but L to R: Sister Brown, Me, Elder Dilworth, Elder Judy (doesn't he look like Ryan Gosling? bahaha),Elder Jeffery, and Elder Ludlow. With another guy in the back

Where we did service

Just some leftovers from our dinner with Yvonne :)

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