I am Sister Torie Inman and I have been called of God to serve as a full-time missionary for His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Arizona Tucson Mission.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sister Inman Letter - February 9, 2016

I LOVE the MTC!!!!! :D

Wow! This week has been such an incredible week. I have learned so much, and I have felt the Spirit more often and more strongly here than most other places. There is just the Spirit everywhere you go. You can tell the Lord has dedicated this campus for a wise purpose. I have the most incredible district ever, and I am so sad because we will only be together for 6 more days, and then we are all going our separate ways. We have three missions in our district. The Texas Fort Worth Mission, the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission, and the Arizona Tucson Mission. All of the Elders are going to Fort Worth, (sad) and three sisters going to Philly. (also sad). Then there are two other Sisters who are going to Tucson with me. 

SO, If you serve in Fort Worth, Texas, look out for the best Elders heading your way:
Elder Epperson, Elder Stanley, Elder Herod, and Elder Ball.

If you're serving in PHILLY, look out for these incredible sisters:
Sister Cragun, Sister Jensen, and Sister Prince.

The two that are coming with me are Sister Packer (My companion) and Sister Harrop! I'm super excited for these amazing missionaries to enter the field. I have learned so much here, even after the time I spent in the field already, and just looking at these Elders and Sisters, I am amazed by this rising generation and how much stronger they come out. The Gospel is true. It can change even the toughest of lives.

Some of my experiences this week! Sorry, this email will probably be kind of lame, because I have so many notes and little to report on without going super in depth to these spiritual insights I've been having. (The Spirit is oh so real. I have come to understand things way better than logic could ever teach me.) But here are a couple sentences to describe the week, but I promise, it's better than it seems haha.

Wednesday, Feb 3rd

I spent the night at President and Sister Passey's house, and in the morning, Sister Passey took me to the airport. I got to have Jake pick me up from the airport and take me to the MTC, which was nice, we went to lunch at Cafe Rio, and he dropped me off at the curb! My first day was really good. We had a class? I don't know if that's what you'd call it. Seminar? called People and Your Purpose. Essentially we focus on our purpose (like every class) but we taught an investigator the first night here. There was an investigator that came in and we, as a class, got to know them and tries to discern their needs and questions, etc. We learned how to fulfill our purpose by 1) Demonstrating Love for Them and 2)Inviting and Helping them come closer to Christ. What does so and so need to feel to gain conversion?

Thursday, Feb 4th

Studies in the same room as everybody is kind of distracting. Sometimes we have to find another room. Our district has some really good gospel conversations, but we get distracted pretty easily.

Friday, Feb 5th

A cool experience I had to today came when we were role playing how to invite investigators to pray with us, and receive answers through prayer. So, each of us took turns inviting, and took turns being the investigator. So I was invited, and I prayed as if I was the investigator, and it was different than any other prayer I have given. We played as ourselves, but when I prayed, and addressed Heavenly Father, I felt different. Do I really want to know if this is true? And I felt a very literal connection as I spoke with God. It was a really special, personal experience. When you put yourself in their shoes, things are a whole lot more meaningful. "We are Jesus Christ's investigator."
The MTC: "This is how God trains His missionaries".-President Thomas S. Monson

The Spirit was definitely present today. We sang "We'll Bring the World His Truth" as a district, and the Spirit was super strong.

We taught our new investigator Jordan tonight. we really had to listen to the Spirit. He is an atheist but just started thinking about God after his first son was born. We invited him to pray after we gave powerful testimonies of God's love for us (I started crying pretty bad when I testified that God loves him so much), I could just feel so much love for this man that I just met. 


Rough start, but like usual, we get over it and it turns out to be an incredible day.

Sunday: Mission Conference, Sacrament Meeting, Classes, and then a devotional with Jenny Oaks Baker (Elder Oaks' daughter) and it was really good!

Something she said that her dad, Elder Oaks, said to her: "I believe that true faith can only be in Jesus Christ, that we trust Him and whatever His will is. We cannot say we have faith that God will do what we want Him to do." (in response to "How can we have faith for someone to get better if it is all dependent upon God's will?")

Monday night we had a heart to heart testimony meeting on the fly with our district and the Spirit was so strong. I'm going to miss everyone. 

Some really good quotes from this week that were particularly powerful to me:

"We should not be simply dispensers of information. We must be offerers of salvation. There is a difference."

"MTC can also mean My Time with Christ if you make it that way."

"If we want our investigators to have spiritual experiences and receive answers through the Book of Mormon, we must too."

COOL INSIGHT: God rested on the 7th day. 7 means "Complete, Perfect, Whole, or Fullness" He promises us the fullness of the earth if we keep the Sabbath Day Holy. Therefore, when all was complete, (i.e. the creation or the end of the week), If we rest on this day, AFTER He created all things, He promises us the fullness of the earth and ALL of His creations! :)

"Deliberate: done after careful thought. Are we deliberate with our covenants? Including repentance and partaking of the sacrament?"

"It is not enough to simply help people get testimonies. If you are CONVERTED, I prophesy and promise that you will never fall away."- Elder Bednar

I was able to go to the temple today and do a session. I am so grateful, I missed the temple. It was SUCH a spiritual experience this time, and I had an incredible experience in the Celestial Room today. I learned and gained som much more this time. I love the temple so much, and got to go with my district.

Anyway, my MTC address is 
Sister Torie Camille Inman
2005 N 900 E Unit  39
Provo UT 84602
(You can do DearElder.com until Friday Morning)

But I will only be here till next Monday morning. I can probably call from the airport, but it will be super early in the morning, probably sometime between 7-8ish.

Anyway, I love you all! I hope you have a wonderful week, and next time I email, I will be in the mission! :)

I also have managed to not gain 15 pounds since I've gotten here. #accomplished ;)

Sister Inman

Our zone on our Sunday temple walk!
The Map

Map with Sister Packer
My companion and I at the temple!

The Elders in the zone
*shake my head*

The Sisters
Sisters Packer and Inman

Sisters Packer and Inman
Our district! Love them :)

L to R: Top Row, E. Stanley, Epperson, Ball, Herod
Bottom: S. Cragun, Harrop, Packer, me, Prince, and Jensen

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