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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sister Inman Letter - September 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Jesse! And Happy Labor Day!

Hey Hey hey, the baby's on the way!!!! I can't wait to meet my niece!!! Daw, she's gonna be so cute :) (so cuuuutee!!! Read it in my voice, the same one I talk to the dogs in) Speaking of which, how are my Chloe and Callie doing? Are they still cute? And happy and healthy? I miss those girls.

But anyway, happy 18th birthday Jesse! You're a legal adult!!!! That's so crazy. He's getting so big. I'm sure he likes to think he is a "man" now, haha. ;)

Well, how are you doing? It sounds like things are exciting back home! How fun that Eric and Lacey and her baby bump get to be home for a while. And Jake and Chauncey are busy and successful and happy together! Yay! And Jesse is so close to officially becoming an Eagle Scout! Wow, what an accomplishment. I'm so proud of him, that is such an amazing thing he has done, and he has worked so hard to get there! Give him a big hug and a huge hi-five for me! You go, buddy!

Sorry, because of the Holiday, I am having to type out my emails on my iPad. I will try to type fast haha.

This week has been crazy busy and so exciting! We met or exceeded 4/5 of the Standards of Excellence  (SoE's) this week! (SoE's are guiding goals to help us to focus our efforts and provide balance to our work, in order to help the work continue forward, and help people progress). For example, this week, we met or exceeded for Member Present Lessons, Less Active/Recent Convert lessons, investigators at Sacrament meeting, Progressing investigators, and Investigators with. Baptismal date. We were so excited.

We had some awesome lessons this week!

We met with Donna twice, who seems to really be enjoying learning about the Gospel. She has been very prayerful about the things she is learning, and has been prepared to have those truths she has pondered before confirmed to her heart and Spirit! Love that woman!

We met with Mirjana from Serbia, and talked about the Vision of the Tree of Life. It is so sad, because she seems to be understanding pretty well, and she is practically already living the Gospel! We just need to convince her that the Restored Church is what will truly bring her lasting happiness and bring peace to her home. She seems to enjoy the Book of Mormon so far, though.

We finally got to meet with Kristina! She is an incredible lady, who the Elders had taught before us, but she had to push back her baptismal date because of her new career... Stem cell and Cancer research. She has a Doctorate in Endocrinology........ A.k.a. She is a genius. And she is a researcher. So she soaks us everything the church teaches, takes notes, the whole 9 yards. Plus an extra mile. We went over the Plan of Salvation. :)

We also met with Bob again! Finally! There was a while there where we weren't sure if he was still around..... He is almost 90... And we hadn't heard from him in a while. But we finally met with him, and it seems that our time away has had an effect on him! I think we made a breakthrough! He finally came to recognize in his own life that God is a real person, and that he has received strength from Him in his life before. And at the end of the lesson, we invited him to pray. And I felt like I should ask if he knew how to pray, and he said not really. So we offered to help him. And he gave a simple, yet beautiful prayer to his Father in Heaven. The first time he had truly prayed, probably sincerely and ever, in his 80+ years of life. Bob even came to church this Sunday. :)

We met with Megan, and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then afterwards, she came to a baptism!!! Finally! Statistics show that 80% of investigators who attend a baptism end up being baptized. :) GO TO AND INVITE PEOPLE TO BAPTISMS!!! :D

Our lesson with Enrique and Grisa went super well! We brought another member with us. Enrique asked some amazing questions, and we had a fantastic discussion about God being our Loving Heavenly Father, and how we can learn truth through acting upon our faith. The member shared Alma 32, Alma's discourse on faith, and read some of it out of the Book of Mormon. We explained that if he did that, and acted upon it, tested it out and felt good about it, and felt the feelings described in those verses, the. He could come to know that the things we teach are true. Enrique loved it. He said, "I've been searching my whole life for answers. And that was the best answer I've ever heard. That's exactly what I'll do." He then asked, "What is the best way to start a study of the Book of Mormon?" We answered that he could start from the beginning, or topically, or we could give him specific sections to read. He said, "Can I start by reading that chapter you shared with me?" Absolutely, Enrique! We were so impressed with his desire to search for truth, and his willingness to experiment upon the word. So he said, "Okay. That's what I'll do. I will read that chapter, and do what it says. That'll be my commitment." Wow. This man
has truly been prepared to receive the word of God.

This Thursday, I get to go to the temple! I am so happy, I need it so much! I love the temple, and the comfort and peace I receive there. I love temple work. I've missed it!

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic week this week! I love you all so much. Toodle-loo!

Sister Inman

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