I am Sister Torie Inman and I have been called of God to serve as a full-time missionary for His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Arizona Tucson Mission.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sister Inman Letter - April 3, 2017

Standing As a Witness of God

Hey there! (So how's it goin?)

What a Conference! Wow! I can't wait to get those on Gospel library! So many insights and doctrine taught that I needed to hear and understand!

I love when more than one speaker talks about the same topics, or even use the same scriptures! I was able to see over and over again that the prophet and other general leaders and authorities are inspired of God. I loved that we were given TWO challenges to read through and even memorize the Living Christ!

I loved the firm witnesses of Christ and the Gospel that were given this weekend.

Well, this weekend I had kind of an intense experience. A few of scriptures and thoughts came to my mind after this experience:

"He whom shall confess me before men, him shall I confess before the Father." And "Stand as a witness of God, at all times, and in all things, and in all places." and "For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ..." and then "You can die for the gospel... but will you live for it?"

We went to go contact a former investigator, Elaine. She lives with a less active member, and we were talking to her for awhile about her history with missionaries, and also about her interests and background. When we began talking with her about prophets and how we can know for ourselves if they are true or not, we saw a man who was coming around in a golf cart, with various keys and such. He was the landlord. We said "Hello, sir!" and he said "Hey Sisters!" So I don't even remember what he said first. We asked Something about us not being Christians, and how the Mormon Jesus is different than the Christian Jesus. He said that we Mormons don't even believe in Jesus Christ. So I said, "Sir, do you know what the actual name of our Church is?" He paused and stared at me. And he said, "Fraud". Me: Actually, it's called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We do believe in Jesus Christ, in fact we wear His name on our name tags. He said, "What's in a name?"

It is His Church, called after His name. Christ is the Center of the Gospel. 


(a little while later), after arguing against another false claim we never made.

Have you ever read the Book of Mormon? 

"Yeah- but it's all a fraud. You think that we have to go through Joseph Smith to get to God. He said it himself. I read the discourses, and he said that. True Christians believe and know that it's through Christ that we get to God." 

We believe that too. We do NOT go through Joseph Smith to get to God. Joseph Smith never said that we have to go through him to get to Heaven. That goes against everything that we believe. It is ONLY through Jesus Christ that we can have access to the Father. 

"What do you think a disciple is?"

A disciple is someone who follows Christ and does what He has asked us to do. We strive to be like Him. 

"That's what true Christians are. We follow Jesus Christ."

Sir, we don't want to argue with you. We would love to talk to you about the truths that we believe, but you are obviously not in the right frame of mind to learn truth.

Sister Lund testified boldly, but calmly, that she knew and fully believed in Jesus Christ, and that He  is our advocate with the Father, that He is our Savior and Redeemer, and this is His Church. It shut him up for a few seconds, and I said, "I am sorry that you have had a bad experience." He said it wasn't, but he "found out the truth." 

He continued to try and prove us wrong on everything that we never said. He literally pulled up to us and immediately started bashing us and persecuting us. He shut down every claim that no one has ever made in this Church, especially not us. He accused us of fraud, and kept telling us about these false claims and strange things that He said that Brigham Young had said, of which I have never even heard of before, and I know for a fact that it was not told in its 100% original form, either. 

Me: Brigham Young happens to be my fourth great grandfather. I also know that He was a prophet of God. And I have never heard anything about these things that you claim he said. 

"Read your history, Sister. You don't know your history. It's all there." He kept referring back to Church History, rather than focusing on any of the truths we teach in the Church. We continued to ask him if he had read the Book of Mormon, but he never gave us a specific, straight, or completely honest answer. 

Me: I actually do know a lot about it, and I know that the things that you have told me are false. And if you think that searching the internet and believing everything that you find on there is how you will find truth, then think again. You are searching for truth in all of the wrong places. Why are you trusting sources and information from people who are not even part of the Church or who are against it?

Me: The only way that you will ever know that the things that we are telling you are true is if you sincerely read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. The only way to know of truth is to go to the very source, which is God Himself. Not other people, and not the internet. 

Me: This Book was written by prophets, who speak the words of God. This is how you will gain a testimony that these things are true. In fact, the very last chapter in the Book of Mormon it gives us an invitation. To read it with a sincere heart and real intent. And if you have a sincere heart, and pray to know that it is true, then you will know. Our purpose is to help others to come to understand and strengthen their relationship with God and Jesus Christ, and that is all that we are trying to do. We want you to find out for yourself.

Him: I already know that it is all false, and there is no way that you can say you know it's true, because it's all a lie.

Me: Sir, I want you to know that I know that these things are true. I KNOW, one HUNDRED percent. I KNOW that this Gospel that we are preaching is true. I have prayed about it, and I know without a doubt that it is right. I would die for it. 

I don't remember everything that I said, but I do remember the intense feeling that I experienced as I testified as a witness of God and defended His Gospel. My heart was filled with courage and faith, and I could feel the power of the Spirit testify through me. I began to tear up.

And after a pause, he said, "That's very unfortunate. Because your salvation is at stake." How rude, man. He said some dumb thing about him trying to help us, but everything was VERY contentious coming from him. There was more to the conversation, but he continued to tear us down, and despite us saying things like, "We don't want to argue with you," and "Have a good day, sir", he persisted in attacking us. 

Finally, Elaine, our former investigator said, "I don't think that a loving God would punish us for not knowing the truth. And I also don't think that a true Christian would attack another person who is trying to build their faith in Christ."

We finally ended the conversation, but man, I was so upset. It took me an hour to calm down and feel okay again. We went to the church and sat in the chapel. It felt like walking into the temple. I just sat in there and cried and prayed. I looked around and stared at the pulpit. Suddenly I got this overwhelming prompting in my head, in my own voice, "It is true. It has to be." In prayer, I declared to God that I knew that this church was true, and I believed it with all my heart. I told Him that I would defend His name and church, and that I would try my best. I felt the confirmation that He was proud of me, and that He loved me.

After awhile, I went up to the piano and played some primary songs that gave me such peace, such as, "I feel my Savior's love", and "He Sent His Son". I sang the lyrics in my head and felt this warmth. It brought HAPPY tears to my eyes. And received confirmation that I would be okay.

My dear family and friends, this gospel and church is true. No matter how hard Satan blows to try and shake your faith and uproot your testimony, if you are firmly and deeply rooted with faith in the Savior, "ye shall not fall." I experienced this this week. I know even more surely now that this is all true. The Book of Mormon is true. The prophets are true. We have a living prophet today. God's priesthood resides on earth and is possessed by permission by President Thomas S. Monson. I love him. I love my Savior. I know my family will be forever, because He has told me so and I believe Him.

Strengthen your faith, and never let it shake! I love you, have a great week!

Sister Inman

Also, CONGRATS ON GETTING YOUR EAGLE SCOUT, JESSE!!!!!! I got your invitation and I am SO STINKING PROUD OF YOU! You deserve it, buddy, you've worked hard your whole life for this moment. I love you!

Also, look at this email that I got from my investigator in Oro Valley!!!!! This is the best thing to receive on a mission! :') Yayyy!!!!!!

"Dear Sister Inman,

I am overjoyed to tell you that I will be baptized on Saturday, April 15th at the Coronado Ward. It would mean so much to me if you could attend and perform my opening prayer. Your lessons with Sister Hunt at my apartment in Oro Valley helped guide me along my spiritual journey. 

Your-soon-to-be-Sister Kristina H."

Wahooooo! Kristina is one of those incredible miracles. And is evident that even the most scientific of people can be faithful saints. I think, if I remember right, she had a Master's Degree in something like stem cell research or microbiology or endocrinology or something. Needless to say, she is a genius. And was part of a huge corporation that was doing cancer research, and was super busy... But she STILL made time to pray, read from the scriptures, attend church, and learn about and live the gospel. WE CAN TOO! 

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