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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sister Inman Letter - March 27, 2017

Are you SO STOKED for Conference?!?!

Hello hello hello!

Another wonderful week in the life of Sister Inman!

This week we had some wonderful lessons, I went on an exchange in the Pomerene and Patton wards, we got a couple new investigators, and I gave two talks in church on Sunday! So this week has been good, God has still been so good to us.

We have been trying very hard to continue to fulfill our purpose every day, act faithfully and immediately on promptings, as well as find and teach by the Spirit. So far, our performance and successes in those goals have been wonderful! Miraculous! Almost too good to be true, you know?

This week we met with Elizabeth, the girl that just got married to a member. She is doing so well. She has so much real intent, and is striving to discover the truth by "study and also by faith". We went to do a Book of Mormon read with her, and asked her how her prayers had been going, and how her trip to Utah was. She said that they had gone to the SLC Temple Visitor's Center, and learned more about that, as well as the Conference Center, and she really loved that. One ofher nonmember friends head that she was marrying a member, and out of concern for her, she gave her  a CD with a preacher's sermon on it, comparing the beliefs of Mormons to Catholics? I think? Either way, it was his take on what we believe. The tape is about  45 minutes long, and they listened to it during the 12 hour drive home... and didn't even finish it, haha. She said they would stop it every once in a while to talk about what the facts were and to do more research, comparing that to what it says on LDS.org (the official church's website), and with each claim that they weren't sure about, they discovered what the truth actually was. She said she learned a lot and came to realize the difference in how she felt when she read from the Book of Mormon, versus when she listened to the tape. She told us that she felt kind of angry when she listened to it, and when she read from the Book of Mormon, she felt a sense of peace and calm.

As we continued to speak with her about searching for truth, we felt prompted to open up to Alma 32 in the Book of Mormon. This chapter talks about faith, and how we can come to know the truth of all things through planting the seed or principle, and then nourishing it and watching for it to grow. If it brings forth good fruit, then it is a good seed. If it begins to grow and enlighten your mind, bring you joy, and gives you a warm feeling in your heart, you can know it is a good thing; it is from God.

When we shared with her this chapter, she felt the Spirit bring to her remembrance some experiences in her life that were very symbolic. It was through reading these scriptures that she began to make sense of and learn from these past experiences. She understands how she can apply this principle of faith into her marriage and family, and allow it to grow and flourish. She was so excited that she learned so much from the Spirit. Her mind was blown. :)

God has been blessing us to be more effective in bringing in the Spirit into our lessons, and helping our investigators to feel and recognize that. This is so TRUE!!!

We had TWO incredible lessons with our investigator Nikki this week! She is a sophomore in High School living with a member family. Think of Dom, except she actually lives with them. The first lesson this week was on the Plan of Salvation. It was amazing. At the end, we asked her how she felt about it. She said, good... I don't know.... so we asked her, "Do you hope it's true? Or are you mainly just curious?" She paused, and said "I hope it's true..." We testified that she can come to know that it is true. And out of the blue she just said softly, "I feel like it's true..." yes! Yes yes yes!!! We said, "what does that feel like?" She said "I don't know, I just know that I'm
starting to tear up and I don't know why!!! It just feels, like, warm... stop smiling at me!" Haha :) We testified that the feelings she was having were from God, and that it's okay to cry, sometimes the Spirit makes us cry when we feel that something is true.

The other lesson was last night, and we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, or in other words, the steps that Christ has asked us to take to return to live with Him and Heavenly Father. She felt the Spirit again as we testified of Christ, and she started crying again. It's amazing to see the effect that the spirit has on people. She seems to be really feeling that it is true, and she has grown in her faith so much!  :)

Wasn't women's conference so great?!?! It was amazing! I loved it! The music was beautiful, and I truly felt my Savior's love. I loved the firmness in Linda K. Burton's testimony, and I loved President Eyring's talk. They were all just what I needed, and they addressed just what my questions and concerns were. God is so loving and aware
of our hearts. I love Him :)

A couple other cool things, on Saturday, we helped prepare a plot for planting a garden, so we put manure on the dirt, turned it, and mixed it in, and I used the techniques I learned at the farm and it worked out really well! It felt good to work hard :)

Also, a kind lady made us dinner. Of the things I ate, it was actually really good! Although... she made us fish filet, and tofu for Sister Lund. I ate as much of the little filet I put on my plate, but I could barely handle it... and I tried tofu for the experience. It was quite possibly the nastiest thing I have ever tasted. Woohoo, Mission experiences! :)

Well, I don't have anymore time, but I hope you enjoy GENERAL CONFERENCE and prepare for it well!!! I love you all!!! Have a fantastic week! :)

Sister Inman

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