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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Sister Inman Letter - March 20, 2017

¡Milagros tras milagros tras milagros! "God sends His prepared people to His prepared servants."

Wow oh wow oh wow. How many miracles and blessed days and wonderful things can you fit in a week?! Well, I'll try to fit some of those in this email, though I don't ever have time to write everything I'd like to! But here are some of the most awesome ones!

To start off, Sister Lund and I have been trying very hard to follow the Spirit's promptings more promptly, and we both have noticed that we have both been MUCH more in tune with the spirit, and that many of our thoughts and actions, etc. are inspired of God. And because of this, we have seen many things and had many good experiences that helped us to grow as a companionship, or to help the area flourish.

Tuesday night, we had a lesson with a family named the Hodge's, and they have a friend of their daughter's living with them named Nikki. We taught the Restoration, and the family was fantastic at inviting the Spirit and sharing their testimonies! The Spirit was very strong, and we have another lesson with her tonight! She became a new investigator this week and we are soooo happy!

I had a wonderful birthday on Wednesday! Here's part of my journal entry for the day: 

"Today I am just filled with gratitude. What a wonderful day it has been. Truly, there were so many wonderful things that we and I were blessed with, and I have surely felt the love of God today.

"This morning I woke up, and Sister Lund sang Happy birthday to me. She went upstairs and made all of us waffles, scrambled eggs, and strawberry syrup. None of which she could eat, but she did all of that for us. We all ate breakfast together, us two and Brother and Sister Merrill. While breakfast was being made, I was decorating my birthday cake, which was probably the most vibrant, colorful, neon, crazy cake I've ever had for my birthday! Blue frosting, and then white piping around the border, and I made colors green and orange and pink to draw a mermaid and a few goldfish. I put the candles all around the circumference of the cake. It was a circle, double decker. I also put paper boats around the side of the cake haha. I decided it was a little too crazy, but hey, I'm 21, isn't that crazy enough? I made it gluten free, so everyone was able to eat it! The whole cake was eaten! Except one slice, which sister Lund will probably eat later haha. She really liked it. Not quite as good as the cake or decorating that Mom does, but I thought about her when I made and decorated it. :) We had a good district meeting, and I brought sherbet and 7up to make those float things and everyone liked those too.

Here's the cake!! Ignore my face. :)


Brother and Sister Merrill sang happy birthday to me as well. Then Brother Merrill serenaded me in Spanish with his guitar. He's a pretty good vocalist, haha. :)"

We had a great lesson with Roman in the afternoon, and the Spirit was definitely there, and he has been reading the Book of Mormon!!!! He said it is hard for him to go to church because when he goes, he just feels like out of place, or like he's not supposed to be there or something. He said he doesn't feel worthy to go to church. He and his nephews sang happy birthday to me. :) and MIRACULOUSLY, HE CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY! WITH HIS NEPHEWS!!!!! (seriously, that is miraculous. He hasn't come in forever!!)

Later that evening, our Zone Leaders sent out a text and a challenge to find one new investigator that day. We had gone to Tombstone, which is pretty much dry as far as investigators right now, and there are mostly just less actives there.However, we went there to visit some people, went to dinner, and then it was about 6:30pm. So I said okay, we've got about 3 hours. How are we going to find a new investigator tonight? So we prayed to know, and felt that we should go home, look through our areabook at the potential and former investigators in the area, and prayed earnestly and sincerely that we would find a new investigator. 

So we each separately looked at our list of people, wrote down who stood out to us, then consolidated. We prayed to know if it was right, and it felt right. So off we went! :) We tried a couple people, and couldn't find some people for awhile, because a lot of people in our area either don't have numbers on their house, they're super faded on the mailbox, or the address doesn't describe where they actually live. But we continued to try, having faith that God had sent us to these people for a reason, we finally contacted some people who invited us to come back. :) The first one was a girl named Brittney, who is probably about 14. We had a lesson/taught a truth, and scheduled a return appointment. After getting ONE new investigator, we were super pumped! But we still had time to go out, so we didn't stop there, and guess what?! We found TWO MORE! These were named Rose and Bre, a mother and daughter. They were formers, and we taught about families and temples.

That gave us a total of THREE new investigators in ONE DAY!!! We were filled with gratitude and felt so blessed. Then we checked our phone. An unknown number had called us at about 9:30pm. We decided to call him back, even though it was later than we normally call people. A man answered, and we asked who he was, and how we could help him. He told us that his name was Tyler, and that he was wondering when our church services were. He explained that he travels a lot for work, but one of his coworkers had shared with him the Book of Mormon, and how the Gospel has blessed her life, the peace it had given her, and just how her faith has helped her. He mentioned that she just seemed so confident and her faith seemed so strong, both in the way she expressed her beliefs, and how she shared her faith like it meant something important to her, and how she held herself. And he wanted to have that too.He explained that he had recently, about a year ago, been diagnosed with a disease, and he began to think of life a little differently. He started thinking about God more. The more he talked, the more that the Spirit testified to me that God truly is preparing people for the gospel, and that He has a plan for each of us to come unto Him. We testified of plain truths, and how we help people to receive that same faith and peace in their life, and invited him to learn more. We set up a time to talk to him the next day, and answer a few of his questions, get to know is background, etc. and here we have..... another new investigator. Bringing us to 4 new investigators in ONE night, and FIVE new investigators within the first half of the week. Wow. We couldn't even believe it, we were almost in tears of joy, and we said many prayers of gratitude.

We were in Ward council yesterday morning and shared this experience. Everyone was so excited for us, and the Elders' Quorum President even said, "Wow! God sends His prepared people to His prepared servants.Great job, Sisters!!!" It really made my day. They just expressed how great that miracle was, and it felt so good to be able to return and report back to the ward leaders of the successes that are happening in this area. There was a feeling of optimism in the room afterwards, and we got tons of new ideas flowing and people giving comments of how we could help people in the area, and got several referrals of people to try and how to help/reach them, etc. members and nonmembers. There was so much participation from everyone, and they were all excited about missionary work. Especially because it also helps them in their auxiliaries. Isn't it great when we all work together? It's ONE big work!

On Sunday, we had some less actives come to church that hadn't been in a long time, and Sister Lund gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting. I have to give one in both wards next week, haha.

Anyway, that's all of the time I have for today, I love each of you, thank you for the birthday package and wishes, and I hope you have a great week!

Sister Inman

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