I am Sister Torie Inman and I have been called of God to serve as a full-time missionary for His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Arizona Tucson Mission.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sister Inman Letter - July 11, 2016

I think something clicked. I feel great!

Wow! Hello family!

Man, I feel like this week I finally got it. I'm starting to feel successful as a missionary, I am feeling satisfaction in my work, I am happier, and I just love being a missionary! Can I have this all of the time?

If you were to strictly look at our key indicators and number statistics for this week, you would probably say, "Wow, sisters, did you do ANYTHING at all this week?" Well yes, we did! And I've learned a valuable lesson about being a successful missionary: It's not all about the numbers.

So to go through my week, focusing primarily on this subject:

Wednesday at zone meeting, Sister Hunt and i were asked to give a training on "Being a Successful Missionary". Both the Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders felt that we were the ones that were supposed to give the training, so we did! And it was awesome! We really sought for the Spirit's guidance, because we wanted to attend to everyone's or at least many different people's needs.

Well, the training went SO WELL! Super good! :) The Spirit was there, we had a good discussion, and had good feedback, comments, and participation. People actually took notes! Yeah! The training was a solid 25 minutes or so. But almost everyone approached us afterwards and said how awesome it was, and thanked us for our training, that it was exactly what they needed, and they loved the scriptures we used, etc. I feel like every one of us needed it, really. I know I did. I learned a lot while studying for it. Both older and newer missionaries, etc. And then the rest of the meeting was super awesome too!
Then on Thursday..... Remember in my first area, in Hereford? The older woman we were teaching named Anna who had a few different baptismal dates? ANNA GOT BAPTIZED ON THURSDAY!!!!!!!! And do you know what's almost even cooler? I GOT TO GO!!!! The Brinkerhoff's, the Senior Couple in our zone, took me, Sister Daun, and Sister Quinonez down to Hereford for the baptism at 6pm. And wow, what a powerful event that was. Everyone was crying. As soon as Anna saw me come towards her when we got there, she gasped and started crying. She said, "I thought I would never see you again! I am so happy you came!!" Such a sweet moment. The baptism was performed by the now Ward Mission Leader, in Spanish. That was cool. Before he started, she seemed a little nervous, and he was coaching her and telling her it was okay, and asked if she wanted to do this. (They have been good friends with Anna since she started this journey). She nodded, and he began the prayer. After she came back up out of the water, she froze there, and just started sobbing. Everyone started crying. The Spirit was so strong. She finally did it. And I got to help and be a big part of her journey as well. :) It's an incredible feeling, to know that you were able to help someone on their path to the Savior, even though the fruits of my labors did not come until after I had left the area. We're all in this great work together! (Cue High School Musical)

The next couple of days we just tried a whole bunch of people. We called/texted/knocked as many people as we could, and although pretty much no one answered, we were on top of things. We had things to report to our Ward Mission Leaders, and we were pumped about the work. And we continue forward. We continue to plan. We keep trying. And we CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY! (There's a shocker!)

On Sunday we gave talks in the La Cholla Ward, on the Priesthood and what it means to women in the Church. Interesting topic, but I think it went fairly well! Again, many more people came up to us afterwards and said they loved it. Things seem to go a lot better when the Spirit is the one writing the training or talk. He's really good at it. A woman approached us later and gave us a referral, for one of her dear friends, and she cried to us about how concerned she was. It was really tender, and we comforted her and assured her that as soon as we got the address and were able, we would go and visit this woman. She expressed a desire for her to meet Sisters, that perhaps she might be willing to learn more, and if she passes away before then, she will remember us, and hopefully accept it in the next life. How sweet of her, that's so neat to hear from someone about someone else.

Sunday night, we did a zone-wide missionary devotional/blitz/training in the Marana Stake. Several sets of missionaries in the zone went and helped train some young adults in the mission prep class how to do street contacting, and then we each took a couple of them with us to go and do an actual missionary visit! Pretty neat experience, we met this one less active lady, part-member family, and she invited us in. She ended up just opening up to us and telling us her concerns, and by the end of our visit, the two girls we brought with us were sharing personal experiences and thoughts with her that were able to relate to her. The Spirit was strong, and I felt an overwhelming sense of God's love for this woman! Really cool, and she said she would be willing to have missionaries come back. :)

And GUESS WHO I SAW at that activity?! Remember the McKnight's in our ward from a few years ago? Rebecca and Savannah were there. They are all grown up, and Savannah will be a Senior this year. Man. SO CRAZY! They were super shocked to see me there, and even more so that I was a missionary haha. They yelled, "Torie?!?! What are you doing in Tucson?! " I said, "Well I'm a missionary!" Haha. Fun to see them.

Today we went to AZ Air Jump, which is basically like JumpStreet. It was pretty fun! But wow, is it a workout! I was sweating wayyyyy more than usual. But it was cool, because I could still do things I used to be able to do. :) We played dodgeball, too. I love our zone and district more and more as I get to know them!

Last Monday for the Fourth of July, we played floor hockey for Sports, and it was crashed by a family reunion, but they had all of the stuff, so we joined them and had a massive game of floor hockey! Super fun!

But anyway, we are going to be trying to contact as many people on the Ward Council List/Bishop's List, etc. this week! We are planning a coupe of Splits, so we are going to get this ball rolling! Super stoked, bring on the power of being a super sister!

I love you all, I hope you have a fantastic week! The Gospel is true, no matter if people refuse to believe it! If it was once true, it will always be true. Read the Book of Mormon every day. "There is power in the Book of Mormon which will begin to flow into your life the moment you begin a serious study of the book". (I can't remember who said that. But it was an Apostle.) It will protect you from Spiritual danger and temptation. It will bring you joy and peace and comfort. Pray to know it is true!

Keep doing what you know is right, and God will give you the power to bring about much good in your own life!

Have a great week!

Sister Inman

 E. Anderson and Montandon

Look who I saw!
Savannah & Rebecca McKnight with Sister Inman

Savannah & Rebecca McKnight with Sister Inman

Me y Sister Hunt, mi companera

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