I am Sister Torie Inman and I have been called of God to serve as a full-time missionary for His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Arizona Tucson Mission.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sister Inman Letter - July 4, 20016

Pink washed, Exhausted

Hellooooooo family! Wow, what a crazy week! I'm exhausted! But it's a new experience, and I'm still getting used to it!

But wow, I am so stoked to work with these wards. I am currently serving in the La Cholla and Coronado wards in Oro Valley and Tucson. It's Northwest Tucson. It's also kind of a weird transition to go back to 2 wards instead of 4, but it is nice! Because we can really focus our efforts and get the work done.

The day we got here, we just dove on in. We had dinner, (fish tacos... You know how much I love fish... They were alright, but I probably wouldn't intentionally or willingly eat it again). Then that night we had our first Ward Coordination meeting with the Ward mission leader of the La Cholla Ward. Both of our Ward mission leaders, Ward missionaries, Ward councils, leaders, Ward members, everybody is just solid. They're on fire! It makes me feel like we have to keep up with them! Which is so awesome! AND, IT'S MONSOON SEASON!!!!! :D It poured down rain, and it made me SO happy.

Wednesday we had zone breakout and district meeting. Half of our zone is sisters! I think three areas were pink-washed, and only 2 companionships did not change. Crazy! They rearranged the districts, so I ended up not being in the same district as my Pima buddy, Elder Phillips, which made me sad. (He's the new district leader). But it's okay, we meet new people and make new friends wherever we go!!! So it'll be good :)

We also had two lessons, one with an 80+yr old man named Bob, and another lesson with a part-member family. We are teaching their daughter Spryte, (Yep, just like the soda) who is 9yr old and she has a baptismal date for August 13th! Woo! Hopefully we will also be getting a couple of reactivation a out of this too! We had a super awesome lesson with the, on the Plan of Salvation, and they all had really good questions, including the less active's, and I could really feel the Spirit. I'm excited for next week's lesson!

We met the Coronado bishop, and also contacted that Ward mission leader, with whom we've been having daily calls, because he is on a business trip! (He still fulfills his calling when he is gone, how cool is that?).

Thursday morning we did service with another district at the Catalina State Park! It was sprinkling rain that morning and it was actually really nice!!! We basically did a mile hike and cleaned up the trail as we went along. Fun stuff! A little nature hike. There is one Elder from New Zealand, named Elder Ikimau, and he just finished being trained. And he is super awesome! I love Polynesians. They are just lovable people. :)

That night we tried a potential/investigator named Megan, and she was super friendly and told her husband about us, and said she was excited for us to come back. Hopefully we can meet with her soon! Excited!

Friday, JULY 1st, ALREADY?! It hardcore monsoon'ed today and it was glorious. Except when we had to drive in it to get to my doctor's appointment. But I just love the rain. Weekly planning day, too. Still adjusting to my new area, companion, situation, district, all of it. Change is hard!

Saturday morning we helped a lady move in to her apartment. That night, we literally spent an entire hour trying to find this one lady's apartment, and the buildings have no order or system to them whatsoever. So we walked around the complex aimlessly until we found it finally at about 8:30. She didn't answer. So we left a note. And then she came to church Sunday and we met her!!! So cool!

Sunday was an awesome day! We had two investigators show up to church,  few less active's that they didn't count on coming for sure, and one of them bore their testimony (Spryte's brother)! We bore our testimonies and introduce ourselves as well. So many people were so excited that they had sisters in their Ward and came up and hugged us and squealed for joy haha. They were like "My prayers have been answered!" "Finally!" "I liked the Elders, but the Sisters...." "*gasp* we have SISTERS in our ward? Oh YAYYYY!!!!!" "WE LOVE SISTERS!!!" So fun :) I also found out that a couple of the guys that were in my EFY company a couple years back live in this stake! One of them just came home from his mission and is in another Ward, but the other one's home Ward is Coronado. How fun! He goes to the Single's stake closer to you all though.

But this week should be super good! There is so much potential in these wards, and I am so ready to contact all of these people, find some new investigators, and bring some souls unto Christ. I'm ready to work, let's do this! :)

My new companion is Sister Heidi Hunt, she is from Sunnyside, UT and has been out about 14 months. So this could be either her last or second-to-last area! She's a hard worker and wants to do the Lord's work. And she loves to cook/bake (and is good at it) and it could be the death of me. I WILL RISE ABOVE IT. Determined.

But anyway, that was my week! I'm still not completely unpacked, but working on it a little bit at a time!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and Happy Fourth! This morning we went to the ward breakfast, and this afternoon, our zone is going to play sports and games and eat food together. Whoop woop!

Enjoy your day off! Remember why we have it, and say a prayer of gratitude that we have the freedom to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that we can worship, and all of the other freedoms we enjoy every day. God Bless the U.S.A!!! :)

Sister Inman

P.S. Happy belated birthday, Eric!! :)

Elder Bernd (from Buckeye)

Elders Arnold and Wyall

Leaving Pima :(

Me and Sister Chandler... We had to say goodbye on Monday night :(

After Service w/ Sister Hunt (Tucson)

 Baby banana, remember, Lacey? :)

Day One in Tucson


A better picture of the two of us :)

 Sister Hunt...

Tucson has pretty tall mountains.

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