I am Sister Torie Inman and I have been called of God to serve as a full-time missionary for His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Arizona Tucson Mission.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sister Inman Letter - February 6, 2017

Has it been a year already???

Hello hello hello! This Friday, I hit my year mark of the day that I went to the MTC! Can you believe that was a year ago?! HOLY COW! Wow, so much has happened since then! 

I had a wonderful week this week! Despite the fact that almost every day someone had to bring up death and horror stories about how things or people died, and also that I somehow managed to knock two of my neck vertebrae out of place and one in my back, or that I've still been feeling very fatigued all of the time and sometimes sick, It was an awesome week! Here's a few highlights! :) (Don't worry, I'm feeling a little better, and I got my bones put back into place aha.)

Let me start with how BOUNTEOUS and INCREDIBLE and MIRACULOUS yesterday was! Blessed Sabbath Day. It sounds like it was a good one for you too! I loved reading about Jesse's testimony. I knew there was something special about that boy. I love him so much and am so proud of him and his growth spiritually. He's a wonderful example to me!

Speaking of Jesse, I think next Monday, we will be doing a district P-day in Tombstone! I want to take him here someday. It is literally a cowboy town, and it is not even staged! People ACTUALLY lived there, in those same places! Some of the people that live there now still keep up some of the lifestyle, too. There are now museums and such, and the O.K. Corrall with gunfights every day, a working saloon (we won't go there, don't worry), jails, horse and buggies, and tons of "historical sites" where so and so was hung, born or this gunfight happened, etc. It's AWESOME. It literally feels like you're walking through history! The original buildings are still there, and it feels like an old western movie. In fact, many of the old westerns actually were filmed there! No set needed! If you dressed up like a cowboy in all your getup, you'd fit right in.

But the experience that I wanted to share with you happened, I believe, as an answer to our prayers and fasting! (That, and because God is so loving and kind to us, and He knew that we definitely needed that reminder that He is very aware of us and our desires!) We both had individually been fasting to find new investigators and to help the less actives, recent converts, etc. in our areas. I also fasted for the strength, stamina, diligence, and ability to help those people I have been given stewardship over. Well, along walks in a miracle! One of our investigators, Don, didn't have a ride to church, and was waiting outside. his neighbor, Jim, offered to take him and wanted to come with! So he took him to church, and stayed all three hours, I'm pretty sure! (at least 2). We sat next to them, and Jim started talking to me. I can't accurately express how excited I was, but to sum it up, he is a GOLDEN! He moved to St. David about 2 years ago, and has had time to ponder and think about things. He mentioned that he had been wanting to be closer to God, and was interested in learning more about our church. This was the first time he had ever been inside a Mormon Church, and it was of his own doing! He was never much of a churchgoer, but went to a Southern Baptist church before. he likes that our church is a lifestyle, and seems to be fully willing to live it "if I decide that I want to join this church". He talked about tithing and how he'd be willing to pay it if he joined our church. And how he was always looking for ways to serve, and offered to help anyone who needed it. And he was very respectful during the sacrament, he pondered and prayed to himself, and sang the hymns, and listened to the testimonies. And he commented in Gospel Principles! Woohoo! He was interested to learn more, and God is so good to us. He provided us with someone who has been prepared, and I am so so so grateful.

I also was able to share something from one of my past areas with our ward mission leader! I shared with him some of the things that helped us be successful in the work and work together as a ward (especially the leadership) when I was in the La Cholla and Coronado Wards in Oro Valley. He was super excited with the new ideas and jumped right on it and it seemed to give him a boost of energy and enthusiasm to get this work going and work more effectively as as Ward Council. I was grateful to have been able to share something that I have learned that has been tried and tested, from the best ward councils I have ever worked with. He told me a little bit of the history of missionary work, and told us that they started a plan, but it failed almost instantly, because there was little to no follow up or commitment from anyone. I am hopeful that this can help the ward get started on a ward mission plan and achieve it!

Our other Ward Mission Leader, Brother Bailey (he's hilarious!!) showed us his sword and sliced some squash to demonstrate. It was awesome. He's a bit of a nerd, but he's so fun to work with and he knows it! We love him!

Another thing about St. David...... everyone is related... and has been here forever..... Judd's, Goodman's, Mayberry's........ oh my!


Anyway, that's all the time I have for today! I love you all and pray for you!

Have a great week! Love you!

Sister Inman

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